The Division: PS4 Pro 4K Update Now Live with Improved Shadows and Reflections

PS4 Pro users eager to experience The Division in 4K can now do so as Ubisoft Massive has released The Division PS4 Pro patch. The patch update announces that the open-world of The Division will unfortunately be rendered at a native resolution of 1080P, with the games UI rendered at 4K resoltion (or 2160P). The upside to this update will however introduce PS4 Pro users to improved graphics settings, offering improved looking shadows and reflections.

In addition, developer Ubisoft Massive has made no mention of the update supporting HDR.

The full patch will take up 2.3GB of HDD space.

If you are still playing The Division on your PS4 Pro, let us know about your PS4 Pro update experience below in the comments.

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