NieR: Automata Demo Impression: A Sign of Great Things To Come

Square Enix and developer Platinum Games have giving PS4 users access to their upcoming 3rd person action-hack-n-slash adventure, NieR: Automata in demo form and cutting straight to the point, if this demo is any indication of how impressive the full version of the game will turn out, then we are certainly excited.

If you are unfamiliar with the action-packed gameplay work of Platinum Games, they are noted for creating some of the industry most celebrated action titles. From Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to Vanguish, which I would love a sequel for, to the upcoming Xbox One and Windos 10 exclusive, Scalebound. For NieR: Automata, Platinum Games is developing the new IP for the PS4 and PC.

Nier: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S, and A2, and their battle to reclaim the Earth from powerful enemy machines who have driven humanity from their home.


This latest demo for NieR: Automata gives you a glimpse of the game’s story with loads spectacular moments with distinct Nier style twists. In the demo players take an abandoned factory, where they play as 2B who is on a mission to destroy a massive enemy weapon that lies within. Players get to use a variety of both short and long range weapons to take down hordes of enemy machines. The combat controls are quite responsive making for a stylish action-packed, fast-paced, super slick good time. The controls are easy to get used to and the fluidity of the camera angles compliment the on-screen action.

Equipped with a sword, smooth acrobatic dexterity and a useful combat drone, 2B can engage her enemies with a variety of devastating attacks. While 2B is not equipped with a gun in the demo, her combat drone can lay down a seemingly unlimited barrage of bullets, in sequence with 2B going ham with her fast swinging sword attacks for extra damage. 2B also has the ability to quickly maneuver forward, backwards and from side-to-side, allowing her to evade incoming attacks. In addition, while jumping, if players hold down the jump button 2B attaches herself to her drone which allows her to float downward covering great distance.


During battle 2B can allow her combat drone to target lock-on nearby enemies for more accurate and effective shots. And I must not forget to mention the vintage Platinum Games combat animation maneuvers which can be experienced once an enemy has fallen with the circle button indicator prompting players to execute. The key here is to hold the circle button down and then sit back and watch 2B go nuts. I found this to works quite well on the larger fallen robotic enemy types.

Like their action-packed title Vanguish, it seems Platinum Games will be throwing formidable bosses at players throughout the full version of the game, based on the demo. Visually NieR: Automata offers a clean and vibrant presentation packed with explosions, wind, smoke and lighting particles, which are eye pleasing.

I must also point out that the games soundtrack is an emotionally pleasing addition to the action, as it adds a significant layer of impassioned purpose to the experience, despite this only being a demo.

As you play through the demo you will discover that as 2B you are able to level up, however for the demo Platinum Games only teases the leveling up possibilities. Yet, once you go into the option screen you find an ‘Items’, ‘Weapons’, ‘Skills’ and ‘Intel’ lists, as well as a ‘Map’ and ‘Quests’ option, all hinting at a fully loaded upgradable skills tree.


The demo offers and impressive amount of gameplay mixed with an interesting narrative as 2B communicates with her combat drone and another soldier robot like herself known as 9S. While 2B looks like a young female model, 9S is ceated in the form of a young teenage boy. As the demo inches away to its climactic conclusion you discover a tender and endearing relationship between both 2B and 9S. This becomes evident in how 2B desperately longs to aid 9S after he is badly injured.

We highly recommend you take this new demo for a spin. Officially launching March 7, 2017, we are more than impressed with what we have played so far.

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