The Original ‘Red Faction’ Storms Onto the PS4

THQ Nordic has announced that the original Red Faction along with the games famed GeoMod engine, has been emulated for the PS4 and is now available for download for $14.99. When Red Faction made its debut on the PS2 back in 2001, the game quickly won over discerning shooter fans eager to blow up their game environment, in real time, ultimately changing their overall game experience. For the time the experience was a serious game changer.

If you’ve never played Red Faction the games narrative takes place on Mars as a revolution has begun placing you at the forefront. As part of a rebellious organization known as Red Faction, you must battle through 20 levels that feature deep seas, natural caves, Ultor Corporation’s bases, and more. Hijack five land, sea, and air vehicles-each equipped with weapons-including an ATV, a submarine, and a high-flying fighter. Help yourself to 15 weapons of mass destruction, such as railguns, rocket launchers, riot sticks, and heavy explosives. Stealth, cooperation, and action are all important to achieve success.

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