Sony Closing Down Guerrilla Cambridge

According to Sony is closing Guerrilla Cambridge which was a development arm for Guerrilla Games. With what Sony is calling “regrettable” operational redundancies, everyone from the studio will be laid off. While Guerrilla Games has and will be unaffected by the turn of events, Sony points out that this move is critical stating, “in order to deliver on our strategic objectives, it is necessary to make some changes to the European studios structure”.

Thankfully Sony PlayStation does have plans on “where possible… to try to reallocate people onto other projects” and2 assist staff by speaking to local developers about recruitment prospects.

Most recently applauded for their ambitious work on RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, the studios first and now only VR title, Guerrilla Cambridge claim to fame is undoubtedly their masterful work on KILLZONE Mercenary, which was an exclusive PS Vita title. With Guerrilla Games full steam ahead in preparation of the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn, speculation had Guerrilla Cambridge pegged as the obvious beneficiary of choice to steer the ship for the future of the KILLZONE franchise, however we now know that is not the case.

Guerrilla Cambridge which was previously known as SCEE Cambridge Studio, had been around for 19 years, maintaining a massive pool of talented creator and programmers and we hope each and every member of the team will successfully land on their feet very soon.

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