Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Open Beta Goes Live February 3rd

CI Games has announced a special Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 open beta launching worldwide for PC players on Steam. Beginning today, Jan. 17, players can register at  to be given a chance to experience the beautiful open-world setting of the Republic of Georgia and get exclusive access to two single-player missions: Cut Off and Blockout. The Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Beta will officially begin on February 3, 2017.

Below are descriptions of the two missions available in the open beta:

Cut Off
The Separatists control a large antenna array, which lets them use satellites to track enemy movements and communicate with distant outposts. Jon needs to infiltrate this compound and manually reposition the dishes to intercept the satellite signal. Gaining access to enemy communications would give Jon and his team a tactical advantage over the enemy, as well as possible intel on his brother, Robert.

Jon’s cooperation with the local resistance, the Rotki Lions, gave him the location of one of the targets from his Most Wanted list – a list containing the names of war criminals that Jon can neutralize to bring justice to the people of Georgia. The target is Ivan Krustchev. He’s hiding out in an abandoned apartment complex, surrounded by his guards. How will you complete this mission? Will you use your sniper rifle from the opposite building, storm the outpost with your assault rifle, or sneak past the guards and quietly take out your target?

While Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 launches April 4 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, CI Games has not yet announced whether an Open Beta will in fact be coming to consoles.

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  • hooker

    Amazing news ;)) I signed up yesterday and I am very excited ;)))))))) This is dream coming true, I don’t need to wait until April. I can taste the game next month.

  • scream4judas

    Do you think it’s gonna be some new missions or those 2 we were watching in gameplays before? I hope it;s gonna be something new.

  • Fatty

    As far as I know both missions have already been shown in the gameplays. I am very happy that we are getting open beta tests anyway. I think these are the 2 missions that are going to be available: (I am not 100% sure, can sb confirm?)

  • DannyB

    Oh yeah, this is so cool. I’ve signed up as well. I don’t know if you remember but the game was supposed to be released on 17th Jan. I think that it is a nice touch that they have released the news on the same date

  • Maldy

    I don’t know the names of the both missions you have uploaded but when I watch the gameplays it seams like those are both missions described up top. I think you might be right, and I hoped both missions would be brand new

  • DannyB

    I played the open beta last week and the game was great! Sure there were some minor bugs but overall I am happy. Did you like it?

  • Maldy

    Hay lads so how did you like the open beta test? The game ran very smooth on my PC. I was impressed with the sniping and the over all felling of the game

  • Fatty

    Well as we know now those were the missions but to be honest I didn’t mind playing both of them even though I’ve seen the gameplay. How did you like the beta tests Maldy?

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