DontNod Eleven Launches Steam Closed Beta For Battlecrew Space Pirates

Beginning today 5pm CET developer DONTNOD ELEVEN invites players in North America and Western Europe to participate in a closed beta test for its competitive 2.5D multiplayer shooter, BATTLECREW Space Pirates. The closed beta test will run till Sunday, January 22 (5 pm CET) and will introduce two multiplayer modes and the ability to create squads.

The game takes place in an original and iconic Space Pirates universe, where players can control charismatic heroes, each having their own unique characteristics and skills. The closed beta will allow gamers to explore 5 different maps through 2 competitive multiplayer modes, Gold Rush and Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch mode which will be available exclusively during the closed beta. Once the game arrives in Steam Early Access, Team Deathmatch won’t be available until it’s added later on as a free update.

The biggest new feature being introduced during the closed beta is the ability to create squads. Gamers can now invite their friends to create their own team of space pirates and raid the worlds of BATTLECREW Space Pirates together.

During the Early Access phase, which is planned to start at the end of January, additional content (news maps, new skins…) will be added through different mechanics such as crowd unlocking, community challenges, time limited events, updates, and community polls. These updates will be implemented, while the team continues to improve the game leading up to its full release.

Players are encouraged to visit the Official BATTLECREW Space Pirates Forums and leave their closed beta feedback and report any bugs they may encounter –

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