Drawn to Death Launching For PS4 April 4 For A Whooping $20

Iconic game director David Jaffe has taken to the official PlayStation blog to share some insightful details surrounding his new game, Drawn to Death, which has been announced to launch April 4, 2017 exclusively for PS4 for only $20.

Some of the key takeaways about Drawn to Death from David Jaffe are as follows:

The “time to kill” is long in Drawn to Death. Like, really long. We do this because we want players to have more chances for chases across the maps — where tables get turned and map knowledge allows hunted players to become the hunters.

Our game modes only support four players. Sometimes when people hear this they don’t like it. But for us, it’s a strength of the game. A high “time to kill” and too many players in a match ends up making a lot of shooters feel chaotic and random. We wanted Drawn to Death to play differently.

We want it to be super fast (And it is!) but not so chaotic that you can’t track what you need to track. For us, it’s imperative that Drawn to Death players are able to focus on specific enemy behavior. One of my favorite things in Drawn to Death is when I start to learn how a specific player on the battlefield is playing and I adjust my playstyle to that person. This is very hard to do when you’ve got lots of players to worry about and you’re dying every 45 seconds.”

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