U.S.Avengers Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank – 8/10
As American as any cover can get. Explosions, tanks, fighter Jets, a Hulk with machine guns and the Statue of Liberty smack dab center with the American Flag waving proudly below it. I would be saluting it too. The only thing missing from this cover is apple pie.

Best Variant Issue
Since there are 50 of them there’s too many to list. Marvel has assigned a Superhero to each state as its designated Avenger (Luke Cage is the Avenger for New York, Iron Man for California, Steve Rogers in Delaware and so on. See image for your state and corresponding hero). So, basically find the state you live in or find your favorite superhero and grab the issue of your choice. Though distribution has been exclusive to the state you live in, so finding a California Iron Man while living in New York could be difficult, the Internet will be your best friend. Fun to note that all 50 variants, when laid out in order form an American Flag.

Ending: 5/10
No real shock or cliffhanger. If nothing else it keeps you interested in what is to come in the series.

Uncle Hulk

Best Moment:
How the story is told in introducing the Red Hulk really get you pumped. I love how they keep the mustache of the characters as he takes his superhero form. As if the Hulk isn’t intimidating enough, a Hulk with a sweet 80s mustache is even better.

What I Like:
The story telling in U.S.Avengers #1 is well done. Going back and forth between interview sessions with the U.S.Avengers and a battle they are currently engaged in is a smart way to introduce us to who the team consists of. It flows nicely. We don’t know why the interview sessions are taking place until the end, but once we do find out, it fits in with the story even if it isn’t an earth shattering revelation. The battle scene is meticulously drawn and really gives your a sense of the action.

What I Didn’t Like:
Getting attached to these characters is going to take more than one issue. They are quirky and the team was intentionally assembled to be smart in battle and not just go in to destroy what’s in front of them (yes they even limit the Hulk). If there’s one character that will really take some getting used to it would have to be Squirrel Girl. Yea, she’s been around before but nothing I really followed. It’s a strange type of superhero.

What I’m Looking Forward To In The Next Issue:
The premise issue of U.S.Avengers shows lots of promise. The villain is a good one and the team that has been assembled is one that you can tell will work well with one another while fighting the evil Gold Skull. The writing is solid and the artwork is exceptional. This is shaping up to be a top tier series for Marvel.

Cover Art

comic av1

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