Inhumans vs X-Men Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Note that this review will include Inhumans vs X-men issue #000 as well in the sections describing the story. The cover ranking and variant sections are about issue #1 specifically

Cover Rank: 9/10
What a cover. Bright, vibrant and really gives you a sense of the scale this battle is going to be. It’s your typical layout for Marvel when they are pitting two races against one another. Inhumans on the left side, X-men on the right. Starring one another down ready for the Royal Rumble to begin.

Best Variant Issue:
Kenneth Rocafort issue. A creative cover that displays both races one on top of the other, yet upside down. The logo for the Inhumans vs X-men is on both top and bottom of the issue, so when you hold it upside down you are looking at Inhuman characters while X-men characters are under them. Flip it over and you get the opposite. Think of that classic drawing when you look at it one way it’s a beautiful princess, when you flip it upside down it’s an ugly old woman.

Best Moment:
Storm turning her back on Beast. I never saw it coming and I don’t think anyone did. Not only was I in a state of shock at what she did, but you genuinely feel terrible for Beast. He tried for months to find a solution to this problem and now they are all turning on him.

What I Like:
A little bit of background on just why these two races are fighting. There’s an enormous cloud that floats around the planet called the Terrigen Mist. This mist is what fuels the Inhumans. They basically worship it. Why? Well, if you happen to be standing in the way of the mist as it passes through it, it can reveal your inner powers you never thought you had. Therefore it is an invaluable tool for the Inhumans to find others they can constantly add to their ever expanding race. On the other hand, if you happen to be a mutant and the mist passes through you, you die. It’s toxic to mutants for some reason. Reasons we do not know.


This is what Beast is working on as we begin issue #000. There has been a truce for now between the Inhumans and X-men and they have given Beast along with the Inhuman Iso time to try and figure out why the mist is toxic to mutants, and find a cure before the two sides go to war. In the beginning, Beasts attitude is one of almost giddiness. He is a brilliant scientist and is almost certain he will find a cure. It’s almost a non issue for him. However, as the months go on he realizes this is becoming an impossibility. To see his attitude slowly change from one of excitement to one of fear and doubt is truly fantastic writing.

Also, being fans of both of these races, Marvel has done an amazing job making it very difficult to pick someone to root for! In both Civil War series you could pretty easily pick a side. Here, you can understand the dilemma for both races. The X-men need to protect their kind and the Inhumans need to protect their Terrigen Mist so their race can live on as well. Therefore…..

What I didn’t like:
…..this is what I hate about this series! In a good way of course. There’s a friction within yourself on who is right here. You read a couple pages of X-men discussing why the need to go to war and destroy the mist and you are siding with them, but that is followed up by Inhuman dialog about why they need to protect it and your mind just goes to mush. I have no idea how this will all conclude.

Ending: 7/10
It’s a predictable ending but still a great one. We haven’t got a full blown war yet, but it will start most likely in the beginning pages of issue #2. Hang onto your seats fans! This is going to be a wild ride.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
What’s not to look forward too? A war with real significant meaning that when it’s over will have massive implications on the entire Marvel universe. People are going to die and what that will do in future issues of books not even related to this series has me steaming with anticipation.

Overall Ranking: 9.5/10



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