Thanos Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8/10
If you are making a comic centered on one of the greatest villains of all time, you better bring the heat. That’s exactly what we get with the premier issue of Thanos. You feature him front and center, with his imposing stare and crooked smirk with fire and brimstone burning behind him. That alone would be enough, but when you add a pile of skulls for him to stand on, you just hit the motherload.

Best Variant Issue
Dekal Variant Issue. There’s only a couple variants for this issue and this is the best of them. A close up image of Thanos’ mug, grinding his teeth, lightning bolts to either side of his head that move inward to make up his eyes is a killer touch.

Best Moment
Anyone who is anyone knows that Thanos craves power and isn’t happy unless he is in control of something. That something for this book is the throne currently held by Corvus Glaive, and of course Thanos wants it. A short battle ensues and Thanos quickly gains the upper hand as usual, and the ultimatum he gives Glaive is classic Thanos. Neither option is a good one for Glaive so he takes the lesser of the two evils. I think we all would have.


What I Like
Full disclosure; Thanos is my boy. In the world of villains he’s at the top of my list and if comic books were as universal as other media types he would be up there with the Darth Vader’s and Hannibal Lecter’s of the world. So seeing him right from the get go claim a throne that resides in a deep dark corner of the universe simply because he feels like it is the Thanos we all love and a great start to the series. Writer Jeff Lemire really does a great job in keeping true to Thanos. He doesn’t try to invent a new type of character or put a personal stamp on him. Reading issue #1 feels very much like reading a Thanos story that was a continuation from a previous arc. Kudos to Lemire.

What I didn’t like
If anything the book could have used a couple more pages. The story goes quickly and we aren’t introduced to many characters along the way. The battle scene mentioned previously ends in spectacular fashion, but it’s a rather quick fight. Maybe they were trying to show the sheer power of Thanos, but having a more fleshed out battle would have been nice. The art however makes up for this shortcoming.

Ending 10/10
If there is one phrase you would never think would ever get attached to Thanos, it’s attached at the end of the book. Cliffhanger? My God yes. Everything leading up to the end was a good read and a good start for the series, but the ending throws such a curveball at you that you won’t even notice your jaw needs to be picked up off the ground. Yes, Thanos has been defeated in the past, but what this ending gives you is something he can’t even fight against. Issue #2 can’t come quick enough (issue #2 is out and will be reviewed shortly!)

What I’m Looking Forward To: With the ending they threw at us I can’t wait to get this story rolling. Thanos is about to fight a foe he’s never dealt with before, but don’t think for a second he doesn’t have some tricks up his sleeve. The anticipation is killing me.

Overall Ranking: 7.5/10


Thanos Review

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