InHumans vs X-Men Issue #2 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8/10
Another solid cover for issue #2 of the series. If the first issue showed both races squaring off ready for battle, this issue immerses us right in that battle. And it’s not just for show either. The issue is packed with IvX fighting like we were lead to believe it would based on how issue #1 concluded.

Best Variant Issue:
Arthur Adams issue. It seems to MO for how the variants will work is one issue featuring an Inhuman, one for an X-men and another featuring all of them. Personally, I enjoy the battle covers over the more simplistic character covers therefore the best variant is the one Adams has created. Anything that features Medusa front and center will probably always be considered best variant.

Best Moment:
it’s difficult to pin down one specific moment because the entire issue is one big battle. We had a huge lead up and a conclusion with issue #1 that had us think the battle was upon us, and writers Soule and Lemire do not disappoint at all.

What I Like:
What I like best is that it’s issue #2 and the battle is here. Civil War II left a bad taste in fans mouths by being maybe too much dialog and not enough action until the final couple issues and sparingly throughout. If IvX followed suit I think you would have a mass of fans heading for the exits. Being a nine issue series and having this much action in the first two issues makes me think Soule and Lemire have a lot in store for us.


In addition, I like that the X-men are the underdogs in all of this. They had to go on the offensive and be the aggressors here. Something we don’t see from them very much. I do have to wonder how much of this has to do with movie rights. Marvel doesn’t own the X-men movie rights as much as they have tried. So how much of this is to get fans on the sides of the Inhumans? Plus there just happens to be that Inhuman show on the horizon.

Oh, and Wolverine makes a awesome appearance!

What I didn’t like:
It didn’t made sense to me that when the X-men invade Attilan they would send young Beast into old Beasts lab to try and find any information about a cure to the Terrigen mist. Wasn’t that the whole reason why the X-men bound together and did a preemptive strike against the Inhumans? Because Beast couldn’t find a cure? If anything it was a way for a battle to break out between young Beast and Medusa.

Ending: 7/10
In terms of a cliffhanger it’s not the best, but what makes it is the character introduced and how he gets introduced. When a couple Inhumans think they are getting teleported away from the battle they land into an entirely different battle they might regret just as much.

What I’m Looking Forward To: This series has pulled no punches since the beginning and the momentum has continued to build in issue #2. Again, there’s a purpose to this war and both sides have justified reasons why they need to fight. It’s my favorite storyline in comics right now.

Overall Ranking: 8.5/10image3518

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