Thanos Issues #2 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank 9.5/10
The contradictory nature of this cover is one that of all the past issues featuring Thanos never cared to tackle. Peace and serenity is of course something that is not thought of in the same breath as the name Thanos. What’s inside this issue can attest to that, but what is so appealing with this cover is we get the exact opposite of what Thanos is known for. I can’t help but think in the production meeting for this series they thought ‘what can we do that nobody will expect’ followed by ‘Thanos gently releasing a single butterfly into the atmosphere’. Well done Marvel, well done indeed.

Best Variant Issue
Nguyen Issue. Just a cool, simple cover. Thanos is front and center looking down at us with his signature scowl. The cel-shading like design adds a cool aesthetic. Thanos almost resembles the Rock man from Neverending Story.

Best Moment
I thought the opening sequence was going to be the best moment of the issue, but I should always assume Thanos can do worse (or better?) The conclusion of issue #1 left us wondering what would Thanos do next. How would he stop this impending doom laid before him. The answer is to do what any of us would and go see a doctor, or in the Marvel world a scientist. It just so happens Thanos’ father happens to be one. The welcoming he receives is not one of hospitality and you can figure out how the end of this long lost meeting goes. Thanos has many names, and he earns each and every one of them with his brutal actions towards the end. Is there no end to the madness of Thanos?


What I Like
With every story about Thanos there’s a sub story about people trying to stop him. This time around a team has been assembled by none other than Thane, son of Thanos. He has meticulously put together a team he feels can face Thanos. Because he doesn’t just want to take down the great God, he wants to kill him. His thinking is assemble a smaller, smarter team instead of getting every able bodied hero and just go in fighting without a plan. We often feel like the people opposing Thanos have no chance of taking him down, and with good reason. This time we feel like because they are smart about their attack and who they are attacking with, they might just have the upper hand. Couple that with the Thanos health issues and the Mad Titan could really be in trouble.

What I didn’t like
Honestly there wasn’t anything I can single out as not enjoying. The pace of the issue was perfect, the storyline is going in a clear direction and there was the right about of back and forth between the two stories. Writer Jeff Lemire is really on top of his game here.

Ending: 7/10
The team attacks and leaves us on the edge on if there is a battle, or is the weakened Thanos too weak to fight back and gives up to save his strength for a later time. This series is just getting started and it’s heading towards epic status.

What I’m Looking Forward To
Pretty simple, I’m itching to see how the battle that just started at the end winds up. For the first time we have heroes who might have the upper hand on Thanos from the beginning, and Thanos has other personal issues on his mind and fighting enemies might leave him vulnerable.

Overall Ranking: 9/10

Thanos 2 Cover

Thanos 2 review

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