Hulk Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7/10
A solid cover. I like the use of colors and the distinction on who exactly the Hulk is going to be for this series. She’s not full on Hulk, and there could be a reason for that which I will cover shortly. Hulk smashes things, so holding the Hulk logo front and center with Jenn Walter grunting suits the cover well. Is she trying to hold the beast in or let it out? Could go either way.

Best Variant Issue
Pia Guerra Issue. Jenn is really struggling with trying to keep the beast within kept inside, and this cover does a great job expressing that. She mid transformation and seems ashamed she can’t keep it inside. She’s got her back to us as she peers over her shoulder at us as if to say “don’t look at me”.

Best Moment
Not much happened in the premier issue of Hulk, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a good moment. Since this moment is the conclusion of the issue I will direct you to the ending section of the review.

What I Like
She-hulk seemed like she was going to be a large part of Civil War II. She started out getting put in a coma after a battle with Thanos and when she finally awoke she did so to the news that her cousin Bruce Banner had been killed. It seemed like she would be a central part of the Civil War storyline. Yet after the revelation of Bruce’s death, we got a whole lotta nothin. It was strange. Maybe Marvel was holding out for this series. Whatever the case we finally have a follow up story to the event of Civil War II for She-Hulk.


But instead of keeping the series with the title of She-Hulk the writers make it very clear this series is not sticking with that title. In the introduction of the issue in the synopsis we are told just that. This is the new Hulk and that is what we are calling her. The fact that it is a female is of no significance.

What I didn’t like
Issue #1 moved a little slow and it might be a turnoff to the non hard core comic book fan. It more or less seemed like one huge introduction to the character which a person like myself can appreciate, but someone who might be just starting out with the series could feel let down. Top it off with the fact that Jenn never actually turns into the Hulk and I wouldn’t fault people for feeling disappointed. Even though she is trying to prevent the transformation, and it’s inevitable she eventually will, starting the series off with a bang would have been a way to get people on board.

Ending: 8/10
A solid ending that for all the issues shortcomings will definitely keep you interested for issue #2. Jenn has gone back to her normal day job as a lawyer for the first time since coming out of the coma and is struggling internally with everything that comes with that. The first client she sees is a very strange elderly woman with jet black eyes who sends chills up your spine. She’s having issues with her landlord and makes it a point to emphasize the fact that she cannot move out of where she lives. When you see what she looks like you wouldn’t want her as a tenant either. The conclusion centers around her and we get a very vague but very interesting reason as to why she doesn’t want to move. Something is living with her that she’s keeping a secret, and we are left to guess what it is.

What I’m Looking Forward To
The cliffhanger ending has me looking forward to what the old woman is hiding, but maybe more than that, I think we all want to see Jenn transform and start destroying things!


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