Kingpin Issue #1 Review

Cover Rank: 7/10
I like this cover. It gives us a great view of what characters we should encounter when it comes to someone associated within the Daredevil world. Wilson Fisk is a big man in more ways than one and making him the focal point of the cover while Daredevil is confined to the lower corner is a smart and smooth decision.

Best Variant Issue
Bill Sienkiewicz Cover – The setting of issue #1 might be Kingpin attempting to go straight edge. We all know they can’t build a series based in a docile, laid back, kumbaya singing Kingpin. Bill Sienkiewicz’s cover is just a nice reminder of the blood this man and spilled. By blood spilled I mean other people’s blood of course. Kingpin’s Butterbean mug is highlighted with blood splattering covering the page. Try as you might Wilson Fisk, you can’t change who you really are. You know it, I know it, Bill Sienkiewicz knows it.

Best Moment
My favorite moment from Kingpin #1 is more of a subtle moment. It’s not a huge fight scene or a part with Kingpin tearing someone apart with his bare hands. We actually don’t get any of that at all in this issue. No, I really like the quick interaction reporter Sarah Dewey shares with Matt Murdock while at a party Kingpin is attending with Ms. Dewey as his guest. Kingpin is trying to woo her into writing his biography and brings her along to a party to impress her. I was of course expecting Daredevil to make an appearance at some point in the series, and maybe I was expecting his appearance to be a full on battle when he did arrive. Instead it’s a short, friendly conversation between the Murdock and Ms. Dewey and that’s all. The conversation was about Kingpin obviously, and the party was one attended by prestigious people. So having Matt there as if to say “I know he’s up to something and I’m just keeping an eye on things” (no pun intended) was a nice touch


What I Like
Maybe it’s just coincidence, but this is the second comic in a row I’ve reviewed where you can classify them as a ‘slow burn’, and maybe it’s just coincidence that both those comics were #1 issues (see Hulk #1 review). Maybe Marvel is wanting their writers to do stories with a more fleshed out story line and make these characters more lifelike and leave the explosions and mass fighting to the Inhumans and X-Men. I’m kind of OK with this.

This issue centered around the dynamic of Kingpin and Sarah Dewey and how he is trying hard to get her to write his story. Building up the relationship looks like it will be of major importance throughout the series, so spending almost the entire issue on him working on her will really get us immersed in the characters which I feel will pay huge dividends later. Fans of the Netflix series will no doubt make comparisons to the way Kingpin tries to make an impression on Vanessa in the early stages of season 1.

What I didn’t like
Kingpin doing karate. You can’t unsee that.

Ending: 8.5/10
A really good ending. Let’s not kid ourselves. The real ruthless Kingpin will at some point show his true colors and start cleaning up the underworld like he normally does. He might have already done so at the conclusion of issue #1. At the end we see him walking Ms. Dewey home through a park and Kingpin is approached by a homeless man asking for money. In an attempt to impress the woman he hands the guy $20. They continue on only to find the homeless guy behind them now asking for more money and Kingpin’s watch while holding them at knife point. Kingpin gladly hands over what is asked. Did he impress her? He’s starting too. Ms. Dewey and Kingpin go their separate ways for the evening, and later the homeless guy is found by the cops dead in an ally. Was it Kingpin who killed him? Tough to say. After all he is homeless and obviously has a drug problem with the needle the cops found sticking out of his…….yea Kingpin probably killed him.

What I’m Looking Forward To
Like Hulk, I’m waiting for what these characters are known for to come to fruition. Yet, I really appreciate the way we are presented with the story and I can be more than patient for the writers to present a fully thought out story before we see their true form. It will make it all the more special.

Kingpin Issue #1

Kinpin score

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