Crystal Dynamics Expands into Brand New Studio and Reveals Sneak Peek Into New Avenger Project

After an exciting year of Tomb Raider, with the 2016, 20th year celebration – years of an Icon filled with a series of announcements, events, and releases, culminating with last October’s Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, Crystal Dynamics is now looks to 2017 as a fresh adventure, with a Tomb Raider movie currently in production, the recent reveal of The Avengers project, and their move into a new and improved studio just last week.

“After months of planning, building, and some very late nights for the construction crew, we’ve just moved into our glorious new state-of-the-art studio!” revealed Scot Amos, co-studio head of Crystal Dynamics. “We have some great new amenities, from hydraulic desks for everyone to adjust as they like, to black-out shades and light absorption paint for those darkness-loving developers.”

In addition to fine-tuning the environment to ensure everyone is working at their best, the new studio has added more offices and team conference rooms, as well as a dedicated “dailies” review room outfitted with the latest and greatest gear.

“We’ve expanded to six fully equipped sound proof audio rooms too,” continued Amos. “With the growth of our team, we’ve also increased our studio meeting area and naturally outfitted it with tons of next-gen 4K screens, as well as dedicated console and PC gaming stations next to the huge new kitchen. Lastly, we’ve added two specialty rooms for optimal development efficiency: a photogrammetry capture space and our very own, on-site, fully equipped Motion Capture stage!”

Crystal Dynamics is full steam ahead on one of their big new projects, Avengers. While we are anxious for more insightful intel on the project, we thought it only necessary to check out the reveal trailer, again.

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