Gravity Rush 2 Sells 148K Copies In First Week According To VGChartz

If you have been following the early 2017 video game software sales-cast, it would be difficult to ignore the ever-increasing list of exclusive PS4 games vying for your attention. In particular, one such game Gravity Rush 2, which launched January 18 in the US is reported to have experienced a healthy adoption at launch in its first week.

According to VGChartz, Gravity Rush 2 sold 147,859 units in only its first week at retail on the PlayStation 4. Again, these numbers do not reflect digital download sales, only copies sold at retail. One thing to also remember is that both Resident Evil 7 and Yakuza 0 launched on January 24, less than a week after Gravity Rush 2 hit the market.

VGChartz also beaks down Gravity Rush 2 sales by region revealing that the game sold best in Japan with 74,016 units sold (50%), compared to 38,272 units sold in the US (26%) and 19,339 units sold in Europe (13%). Looking more closely at Europe, the game sold an estimated 3,196 units in the UK, 2,557 units in Germany, and 4,126 units in France.

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