Inhumans vs X-Men #3 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9/10
Another solid cover for the series. Marvel has done a great job really hitting home that this is war and these covers really express that. The first issue had each race divided. Since then they are all intermingled fighting to protect their race. No detail is left unchecked. Just looking at it and seeing the colors flow is pure joy. There is so much to look at and dissect that these covers are almost issues all themselves. The T-Rex is a tad misleading however, at least for now.

Best Variant Issue
John Cassady Issue. While it may feature three important characters to the series, only one had a somewhat large role within the issue. Nonetheless, this cover art is very well done and features a mid air Wolverine jumping right off the page at us with Black Bolt and Medusa’s images on either side of him. Somewhat simple but a great cover.

Best Moment
There’s a couple different ones to choose from here. One dialog driven with a surprising result, the other a battle scene. I’m one for battles so let’s go with that.

What we were left off with in issue #2 was Inferno and Iso of the Inhumans teleporting mid battle to an unknown location only to find another battle waiting for them in Logan. Iso goes to investigate something else that is happening in the area leaving Inferno to battle the legendary X-Men. The result is not only shocking, but the state Logan is left in might be even more so. Rarely do you see him so defeated after a fight and to be brought down by an inexperienced hero makes it even more of an amazing moment. Add the way he brought Logan down and you are left staring at the pages in awe.


What I Like
I like that I’m still torn on this whole thing on who to root for. I’m leaning on the Inhumans because of the way the X-men started they fight. Yea I sound like a 5 year old saying “he started it!”, but they did. Did they need too? Yea they kinda had too. Which makes this a real internal struggle for the reader.

It is also great writing in the fact that it is difficult for the reader to figure out what the next move is with the Inhumans. The X-Men have successfully taken New Attilan and have placed the most powerful Inhumans in Limbo. A place more difficult to escape than Hell. What they do next and how they do it is a mystery to all of us. Especially with Karnak in a secluded place all his own. Pretty sure they will come up with something though.

What I didn’t like
Switching artist, although planned, it was not a good idea. I don’t know why after two issues the artist for the series switched from Francis Yu to Javier Garron but the difference is noticeable. Yu was a master at creating the dark atmosphere of this battle while Garron almost lightens it up and makes it a bit more kid centric from an art standpoint on certain pages. He’s still an amazing artist but what we were treated to in issue #1 and #2 almost spoiled us. However, Yu will be back for the final issue in the series which is something to look forward to.

Ending: 9/10
We don’t hear from Black Bolt the entire issue and in the end we find out why. Black Bolt could end this war in the blink of an eye and the X-Men know that. So securing him and taking him out of the equation was priority number one. How they did it exactly we are not shown, but the end result we are. It’s impressive.

What I’m Looking Forward To
Just for this incredible story to continue. You can’t figure out which way this war is going to finish on the side of. Although right now I’d say the X-Men have the upper hand. Look for the Inhumans to counter shortly as they are already planning a counter offensive with something the X-Men either underestimated or forgot about completely.



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