Run ‘n’ Gun Twin Stick Shooter ‘Rogue Stormers’ Release Date Announced

Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, Rogue Stormers will finally be available in stores worldwide on March 31 2017.

Character progress
The player can choose from five playable characters. Every time they fail or successfully end a mission and have leveled up, they can choose a perk from the ‘perkOlator’ to upgrade their character. There is a ton of different perks and each perk has five levels. This, combined with the fact that the player constantly gets new perks, makes for an ever changing and unique gameplay experience.

Rogue Stormers combines classic run ‘n’ gun gameplay with a modern art style, twin stick shooter configuration and all the good things a roguelike has to offer. Every playthrough feels different with randomly compiled level chunks and tons of different perks and weapons.

Twin stick controls: classic twin stick controls for old school run ‘n’ gun gameplay
Lots of perks: choose between two out of loads of available perks every time you level up, changing the gameplay experience for each playthrough
Unforgiving gameplay: stay alive or start over
High replayability: randomly compiled levels, upgrades and enemies make every playthrough different
Balanced difficulty: the game remains fun and challenging, even when your character gets stronger
Online/local co-op: play with two to four players in online or local co-op

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