Inhumans vs X-Men Issue #4 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8/10
A great and meaningful cover even if it just comes across as a close up of Magneto shouting in pain. It’s simple yet portrays the most integral part of the IvX story so far. More on that later.

Best Variant Issue
Ryan Sook Issue. 8/10. The best variants so far have been ones where a central character is placed in the middle and the remaining characters from each race is divided on either side of the cover. This time, Medusa is the one flying towards the reader. Her hair tangled in such a way that splits the two races, each of them with their game faces on. Even though Black Bolt has been a non factor to this point his roar yells the loudest here.

Best Moment
A turning point of sorts. The Inhuman named Mosaic who is one of the few Inhumans that have not been locked up in X-Men limbo, is given the task to infiltrate the Mutants at their base on Muir Island. Think of Mosaic as Patrick Swayze in Ghost. People can’t see him but he can take over their bodies and while he is possessing them, can see their thoughts past and present. So he does this… Magneto. Talk about a bold move son. What does he see? The reasons why the X-Men pulled a preemptive strike on the Inhumans. Up until now the Inhumans didn’t know that the Terrigen Mist was expanding and in a few short weeks will consume the entire planet. Now they do. So now what? The Inhumans deep down are very honorable people and even though they have been attacked are still looking at all of this in an optimistic way. Case in point, they have an opportunity to destroy Limbo, but Medusa tells them not to and instead just do enough damage to send a message. So this makes me think, with this new information from Mosaic, will the Inhumans act like humanitarians and destroy the one thing that gives them power? Will the Inhumans destroy their Terrigen Mist so the X-Men can live?


What I Like
I liked the addition of Mosaic and the key role he played in the issue. He’s one of those Inhumans that is not utilized enough and they put him to good use here. He also brought some comedic aspects to the issue to lighten the war mood up.

I also liked that we have a break from the fighting and both teams are figuring out what to do next. The Inhumans have escaped Limbo and the Inhuman Royals who were locked up are no doubt going to be looking for some X-men to battle, but they were not given the information that Mosaic recently discovered. Will they get this information before they go head hunting for some X-Men? The twists and turns keep coming.

What I didn’t like
I mentioned in the best variant section about Black Bolt. He’s featured on almost every cover and I understand why. He’s a draw. The X-Men have been able to capture him and put him in a state where he is a non-factor thus far. I can understand that too. If Black Bolt were still an able bodied, this series would be one issue only. Having said all that, I wish he was more of a factor in the series. Couldn’t the writers figure out a way that deemed Black Bolt incapacitated yet still coherent? Right now he’s just a hero in some liquid being held together with wires. Think Neo in the Matrix. He has to make his presence felt at some point in the series, but right now he is a mere footnote.

Ending: 9/10
The question I’ve been asking since issue #1 is finally asked by one of the characters taking part in this epic battle. We don’t get an answer but it leaves so many questions, debates and topics open for discussion.

What I’m Looking Forward To
Only a few more issues left. Will the Inhumans use the new information from Mosaic as a way to go about this war in a different way? Will this information get to the Royals before they embark on a counter attack? Will Black Bolt and Karnak break free and impose their will? What will I do with my life when this series ends!?!


IvX 4 review

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