Thanos Issue #3 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8.5/10
Great visuals of capturing the battle we were promised at the end of issue #2. The Shi’ar have arrived to take Thanos into custody and this cover image does everything to show us they are going all in, in an attempt to take down the Mad Titan.

Best Variant Issue: 8/10
Pat Broderick Issue. Again there is only one variant Issue to this series and it’s a great one, although maybe not in line with the current story. The use of colors here seems a bit of a throwback to the older Thanos which I always love seeing. Him looking down in a burning village from a mountain top is something we would expect of Thanos, but following this story seems to not make much sense. Just based on an art standpoint however, it’s fantastic work.

Best Moment:
Thanos is weak and dying. If there was ever a time for his enemies (which is pretty much everyone) to attack it is now, and the Shi’ar do just that. For the majority of the battle they have the upper hand. That doesn’t mean however that Thanos just lays down and surrenders. He’s still got fight in him and he slowly starts to turn the tide in his favor.

The best moment in this turnaround is at the beginning of it. Thanos is on his heels, and the Shi’ar send in the “third wave” which starts with Titan facing Thanos. You would think this would be the finishing blow to Thanos. Titan towers over him and is a very imposing figure. However, this is Thanos we are talking about here. As Titan goes in for the grab, Thanos takes his finger and breaks it. This is not your ordinary finger. The size of Titan makes it look like a body is being broken in half, and the visual, thanks to the great artwork, really makes your cringe.

Mad Titan

What I Like:
The entire issue is one big battle between Thanos and the Shi’ar cut between interview like dialog between someone “off camera” and a member of the the Shi’ar. These interviews are a nice short break in the action as we get background information on Thanos from people who know him and have battled him through the years. It’s a nice back and forth between fighting, interview, more fighting, another interview. The flow of the issue is great. While I don’t understand the importance of these interviews it was a nice surprise that they were actually being conducted during the battle! We get the impression they were done at another time at another location. The background art looks like a bar setting. We aren’t made aware these interviews are taking place in real time until the last interview, and when we do find out it really adds to the battle taking place right outside.

What I didn’t like:
So remember that team that was meticulously being put together to take down Thanos? I wrote all about it in my review of issue #2. I was applauding the writers for doing something not done in a Thanos book, which is putting a team of smart characters together to take down the Mad Titan and not go in with just any able bodied superhero only to get taken down without much effort from Thanos. Well, that team has completely disappeared in issue #3. There’s no mention of them at all. The Shi’ar have come and they seem to have a plan as well, but we were never made aware of any of it until now. It’s a curveball, no doubt, and I’m leaving my faith in the writers hands that they have this story planned out for us. Yet, for now this is a little strange.

Ending: 6/10
A good ending but not as great as what the lead up to it made us anticipate. Thanos is in a state we have never seen before. He’s vulnerable and the heroes of the universe are taking advantage. Why shouldn’t they?

What I’m Looking Forward To:
My real question is what are we going to get with the team that was assembled that was nonexistent in issue #3? Does their thinking now change since Thanos has been somewhat defeated and is now in Shi’ar custody? It was somewhat of a head scratcher issue in the sense that it diverted from the story we had been given in issues #1 and #2. Yet the substance within issue #3 was still good even though it was almost a new story. It will be interesting to see how the two story lines intersect.

Thanos 3 Cover

Thanos Review

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