The Fix Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7/10
At first glance it’s not much of a cover. Our two protagonists dressed to the nines, one holding a baseball bat, the other brandishing brass knuckles. So we know going in these are bad men. Yet the looks on their faces tell otherwise. As we will soon find out, they aren’t who we think they are.

It’s very Miami Vice looking in style. Since it’s in comics form maybe we should go with GTA Vice City instead. Once we read the issue and get to know more about these two guys, the cover somehow is more meaningful. In a good way.

Best Variant Issue:
With each new printing of The Fix the cover has changed, and so far each one I’ve found revolves around the character Pretzel. Feel free to search who Pretzel is, but I won’t spoil it here. He makes an appearance at the very end of the issue, and who he is and what he does makes using him on these covers all the more comedic.

What I Like:
Ok, so what exactly is The Fix about? We are introduced to our two main characters Mac and Roy in a voice over style introduction as they are caught up in the criminal underworld and are finding it increasing difficult to make money by robbing people. Example: you can’t steals someone’s iWatch as it becomes unusable if it’s not on the owner’s wrist. So what do they do? They go to a senior living home and rob them. Low? Yes, but what else do you expect criminals who owe money to a kingpin supposed to do? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

As Mac and Roy are counting their bounty, which is embarrassingly low, we are then made aware of exactly who these two really are……..cops! Moonlighting as criminals! The moment we are made aware of this fact, the story takes a turn for the best and what follows is a hilarious introductory ride of the criminal underworld that involves many more boys in blue than just these two. I didn’t want this thing to end.


Its rare a comic can make you genuinely laugh out loud, but The Fix does. It’s lowbrow, quick one liners, sarcastic responses all are timely and never feel like forced comedy or over the top cheap laughs. One discussion in particular is so disgusting you are questioning why you are laughing at all. You should have a scowl on your face but instead you have a grin.

It is also full of surprises. If you think I spoiled one for you already with them being cops, it’s nothing compared to the one later in the issue, and no I’m not talking about who Pretzel is.

What I didn’t like:
Nothing. Literally nothing. It’s a joy ride from page one till the end. The dialog was brilliant, the artwork was perfect and the pacing was spot on. So I guess I didn’t like something. That it had to end.

Best Moment:
There’s so much to choose from for this, but I think I’ll have to go with the scene between Mac and Roy when they go to the Boss. Not only is it a shock on who the Boss really is but the dialog between the two will leave you taking a break from reading because you are laughing so hard. As quick as Mac and Roy dish out one liners, the Boss does the same. All with a smile on his face, and a baby swaddled in his breast while threatening the two with a chef knife. You read that right. It’s hysterical.

Ending: 9.5/10
We are introduced to the aforementioned Pretzel. Like I said I won’t spoil it, but I also won’t spoil why Mac and Roy are so afraid of him. They are also given a job to do which we aren’t made aware of what exactly it is, so in that aspect it is somewhat of a cliffhanger.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
This could be the start of something very special. Image has the makings of a classic on their hands and I cannot rave enough about this first issue. We get a lot of superhero stories in the world of comics and that makes total sense. Yet it’s nice to get a change of pace like The Fix where we don’t have so many heroes and villains to keep track of that have decades of backstory to remember. The possibilities could go on forever with this series. The Fix is as perfect as a comic can get. Therefore, Game Insider for the first time ever gives The Fix…..


The Fix

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