Inhumans vs X-Men Issue #5 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 10/10
Add this one to the best covers of the year list. Queen Medusa is the centerpiece with various X-Men and Inhumans surrounding her……in skeleton form. It’s damn haunting.

Best Variant Issue: 9/10
Gabrielle Del Otto issue. A great image of Sabertooth being ravaged by Medusa’s hair. It looks like he’s fighting against a tide or being eaten alive by quicksand. The realism in this art is spectacular.

What I Like:
If issue #4 was a break from the action, issue #5 throws us right back into the war and doesn’t let go. The Inhumans are starting to gain ground in escaping Limbo, Karnak has fought his way out of The World and the Inhumans who were spared getting caught in Limbo are making alliances with certain X-Men to try and……well we aren’t sure what their plan is. It does, however, include remaking that Terrigen Mist killer machine Iso blew up previously. Yes, Iso is now trying to remake the machine she destroyed. A machine designed to get rid of the very thing her race depends on. But why the change of heart? Maybe the more important question is what is her plan once it’s built? I don’t even think she knows what to do next.

The action sequences is issue #5 are some of the best of the series. We finally get to see Karnak in action which is always a delight. You can feel his confidence jumping off the pages and if the Inhumans don’t have the 1-2 punch in Black Bolt and Karnak, they will be just fine if all they have is Karnak leading them.


What I didn’t like:
I have all the faith in the writers that we will get answers and a conclusion to the many questions that still exist in the final issue next month. The fact that we have so many questions would be the only thing I don’t like. Will we get answers to some? I believe we will. However, Marvel has said this series will have a ripple effect that finds its way into many other series for many years to come. So in that regard the story will continue long past issue #6.

Best Moment:
I’ve said before that incapacitating Black Bolt was of major importance to the X-Men if they had any chance in this war. Through four issues they were successful, but not now. The Inhumans were able to successfully rescue Black Bolt. Maybe we were expecting some huge battle scene to get him back. What we get instead is brother of Cyclops, Havok, greeting the Inhumans at the place where Black Bolt is being held. Havok has been seeking his revenge ever since Black Bolt killed Cyclops from an order Medusa gave. Now he is staring Medusa right in the face, and has a vulnerable Black Bolt behind him. So what does he do? Releases Black Bolt to the Inhumans. The when asked by Colossus where Black Bolt went, Havok tells him Karnak and Lock Jaw teleported him out of X Haven, which of course is not true. So what’s his angle here?

Both Inhumans and X-Men are doing things for the other race to help them, and we aren’t sure why…..yet.

Ending: 9/10
As if this issue didn’t give us enough questions already, throw one more into the mix with the great ending we are given. It’s seems like Magneto has had just about enough of this fighting and might have a plan all his own on how he wants this war to go. He’s been relatively silent up until now, but what it looks like he’s about to do, or at least what he wants to do, will put him in a position all on his own. Which I’m sure he will be more than happy with.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
The questions stack up and the issues in this run are coming to an end. Everything won’t get tied up in a neat little bow, but we can expect one powerhouse of a conclusion. Why shouldn’t we? This series has been a joy to read thus far and reading what the writers have in store for us in the end has me brimming with anticipation.

Oh, and that little fact that the Inhumans have Black Bolt back. He’s probably not happy.


Inhumans vs. X-Men 5 review

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