Elektra Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7/10
We get the basics here. Our heroine striking her battle pose with her trusty sais crossed ready to strike down her enemies. My one gripe; she doesn’t look angry enough. Elektra is badass and the art here makes her look almost reluctant to kill. Still, the art overall is good

Best Variant Issue: 8.5/10
Pasqual Ferry issue. This is a little more like it. The issue takes place in Las Vegas and in this cover we see Elektra shortly after she’s taken down some poor souls. Their bodies are piled up at the bottom of the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign (only it doesn’t say Las Vegas) and Elektra is standing at the top of the sign with the angry face I wish we had in the original cover.

What I Like:
I could write this for all the characters that are getting their own series recently that have come out of the Daredevil franchise, but I really do like that they are getting to stand on their own. Elektra might be the exception to this rule having had series in the past but having her own series in conjunction with the likes of Kingpin and Bullseye gives her new series a different feel.

Unlike the past couple, issue #1’s where we don’t get even a look at the hero who graces their respective cover (looking at you Hulk) we at least get to see Elektra in action, but next to that it’s all a big lead up to a less than desirable ending.


What I didn’t like:
As far as the issue goes there’s a lot left to be desired. It’s a good, not great, issue and once again we get a lot of dialog leading up to a conclusion where we finally see our heroine. The characters in the issue are painfully dull, save for Elektra, and that makes them easily disposable by the end of the issue where we are introduced, briefly, to the villain of the series. The art is good, the action is acceptable and it’s just enough to keep me interested.

Maybe I need to read it again but the entire intro with the casino owner making a $10 million dollar deal with some guy for a buy in for something I have no idea what it is was way too confusing for me. It seemed like some Hunger Games type of thing he’s got going on but it’s poorly explained and executed.

Best Moment:
A bartender attempts to get Elektra (who’s in disguise at the moment) to open up to her as to why she’s in Vegas. Elektra obviously doesn’t say much but she does take a liking to the woman. The casino owner shows up and tells the bartender that she’s needed elsewhere. Since we have already met the casino owner we know he’s pretty much scum and that he’s up to something. A few pages later Elektra is using the bathroom and who walks out of a stall but the owner. As Elektra investigates she sees the bartender abused, assaulted and scared on the bathroom floor. You can imagine how it goes from there but the real jewel here is Elektra revealing herself to the girl and the girls reaction.

Ending: 6/10
A predictable ending and as I said earlier, just enough to keep you interested, but if they don’t amp it up I’ll only have that interest through issue #2.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
Elektra is a popular hero not only in the Marvel universe but for the female demographic as well. She an assassin, and a damn good one. Here’s to hoping the blood and guts shows up soon.

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ELEKTRA review

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