According To NPD Sony’s PlayStation 4 Was The Best Selling Console in February

Not missing a tune as usual, Sony’s PlayStation 4 for the month of February was once again the top-selling console in the US, according to data tracking firm NPD. However, now that Nintendo has entered the race with the Nintendo Switch, it will be interesting to see if the PS4 can withstand all the excitement surrounding The Switch and The Legend: Breath of the Wild for the month of March.

Adding to Sony’s February momentum, PS4 exclusives have been in abundance. Namely, with the release of developer Team Ninja’s challenging title, Nioh, launching February 7, while developer Guerrilla Games capped off February with Horizon Zero Dawn, which launched February 28, becoming arguably the best new IP on PlayStation in years.

While the impressive Halo War 2 launched on February 21, exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10, Sony’s first party titles seem to be grabbing the lionshare of attention.

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