Inhumans vs X-Men Issue #6 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9/10
Again an amazing work of art. There hasn’t been a bad one in the series. They are all meaningful, loaded with color and extremely appealing to the eye.

For the final issue we get Emma Frost in the position of something almost Queen like with X-Men and Inhumans circling around her in a bowing motion. Foreshadowing? Possibly. That’s why we read the issue.

Best Variant Issue: 9/10
Simone Bianchi issue. Medusa and Emma Frost’s interlocked in their battle with Black Bolt and Wolverine fighting below them. It’s just a solid piece of work like all these covers have been.

What I Like
There’s so much to like about the conclusion of IvX so let’s get to it. We get one final epic battle between the two races and this one involves just about every major player you can think of. The focal point of issue #6 is Emma Frost and her bitterness about Cyclops being murdered, but we’ll get to that later.

We finally get to see Ahura, Medusa and Black Bolts son, break into the war. He has been nonexistent the entire series and with good reason. He isn’t on very good speaking terms with his parents but he is still a very integral part of the Inhuman race and he understands this. His job is to basically be the man in charge of Ennilux, an almost rogue team of Inhumans on their own floating type city. He doesn’t join the battle to fight, but rather to relay the message to Medusa that the Terrigen mist is expanding at a rate that will consume the entire planet wiping out all of the Earth’s Mutants. Again, more on that later.

6 issue

Because of this information, the battle comes to an end by the decision of Medusa. As I said in an earlier review, the Inhumans are not inhumane. So when Medusa is finally given the information about the mist, she simply clicks a button that sucks up and destroys what’s left of the Terrigen, effectively bringing an end to the war. Not for Emma Frost, however. Her take in the entire battle was two fold. Eliminate the Terrigen mist for what it can do to Mutants, as well as eliminate as many Inhumans as possible for what they did to Cyclops. Emma steals the show here and if there is one storyline that I’m eager to follow post IvX, it’s the villain that Emma Frost has become. She’s a woman scorned, and the Marvel universe will feel her wrath, new superhero costume and all (one that resembles Cyclops). Emma Frost is back to being hated and I think she’s just fine embracing that as well as what’s ahead.

So the war is over. What is the aftermath? Quite a bit. We knew all the answers to the questions wouldn’t be satisfied at the end of issue #6, and they aren’t. Many are however. The biggest of these being the end of the Terrigen cloud. Both sides had a valid argument in why they took part in this war, and the entire time I’m reading it I’m thinking about how will this end where both races live on. The Terrigen mist continues to float on finding new Inhumans and their abilities while somehow not killing mutants along the way. Sadly that just couldn’t happen. Medusa, with the click of a button, destroyed what is left of the Terrigen mist and it is officially gone. The ramifications of this cannot be overstated. What happens now to the Inhumans long term? They have a solid and very powerful base of heroes, but not being able to add to their race anymore is a massive blow for their future.

After her decision to end the war, Medusa has an introspective moment and questions if she really should lead the Inhumans into the future. She comes to the conclusion that she cannot. She basically just wants to retire, and she does so but not before leaving the Inhumans in the hands of Iso. So not only are the Inhumans defeated with the decimation of the Terrigen mist, but their Queen has just given up the reigns to someone who wasn’t expecting it. Is Iso prepared? She’s gonna have to be. One thing is certain, she is an extremely smart Inhuman, so if anyone should take over for Medusa, it is Iso.

It will truly be a sad day for comic book fans if this is really it for Medusa. The book’s final page leads us to believe she just doesn’t want the headache anymore of what it takes to be the leader of an entire race, but Black Bolt might have the same desire as well. If they lose both of them, it could spell disaster for the Inhumans. She’s the most dominant female character in all of comics, so I don’t think we will have heard the last of her, and what Black Bolt means to the Inhumans is of course well documented.

what the hell

Whatever lies ahead we will have new ongoing series for both races titled Inhumans Prime and X-Men Prime. The X-Men will live on and the Inhumans won’t discover any new species for their race. Emma Frost is pissed, Ennilux is destroyed and Medusa (along with possibly Black Bolt) is going to enjoy her golden years. Marvel hit a homerun with Inhumans vs X-Men, and they needed too after what they gave us with Civil War II.

What I didn’t like
The scene where Ahura shows up and tells his mother that the war is almost futile since the Terrigen cloud will consume everything in its path in the next few weeks, which was the reason the X-Men attacked the Inhumans in the first place. Medusa responds to this with a ‘well why didn’t they say something’ response. Seriously, that is her response. Uhhhh, not buying it Medusa.

Best Moment
Seeing the Terrigen cloud dissipate was really a bittersweet moment. You know you’re looking at something of incredible importance fade away and how it will affect everything we come to know about the Inhumans.

I also have to include the transformation of Emma Frost. Seeing her new digs really gets u excited for what she plans to do next. Even of she’s the villain.

Ending: 10/10
I can’t rate the last page here because the ending is more about the war ending than an ending for the next issue. We get a lot of answers as well as many storylines for new comics that are just around the corner.

What I’m Looking Forward To
Inhumans Prime and X-Men prime. We aren’t sure if X-Men prime will be the Emma Frost storyline or if she will get her own series. Either way it will be a series that I’ll read, but Inhumans Prime really has my interest piqued.

IvX 6

IvX final 6 review

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