Bullseye Issues #1 Review

Cover Rank: 8/10
Great use of contrasting colors that really make the cover pop. Also great use of showing the various characters within the issue, including paper clips. More on that later. But what is the one thing that really makes you want to dive into issue #1? The parental advisory warning on the lower right corner. Don’t see that very often on a Marvel series.

Best Variant Issue: 8.5/10
Incentive Variant Issue. If one is not familiar with Bullseye, this cover can give you a brief glimpse of the assassin. He has no shame and will kill at will. In this cover he’s using the face of one of his victims and using it almost as a puppet and he’s the puppeteer. It’s funny, yet really displays how ruthless Bullseye can be.

What I Like:
Multiple storylines. Most of the time we get a singular story and that story rarely deviates from the main arc. We have the makings of multiple parts here all focused around Bullseye. What he is put doing in the assassin world as well as the wife of a Bullseye victim who’s going after him, she also happens to be an FBI agent.

Which makes me wonder how this series will go. I love the idea of Bullseye taking on a new assassination assignment each issue while the FBI agent follows the ups of those crimes.


What I didn’t like:
Story wise this is top notch, and the majority of the art is fantastic, but there are a few spots where I wasn’t crazy about the artwork. The only times I have this issue are with the close-ups of Bullseye himself. I felt it didn’t really capture his true essence of being the ruthless assassin.

Best Moment:
When Bullseye is at the office of the boss who gives him assignments (of which he was not welcome) his boss is listing the assignments available and one by one Bullseye is turning them down for something more substantial. While doing so he casually walks over to the window of the office and flings a paper clip out the window that strikes the tire of a van causing it to lose control and explode. The van happened to be an ambulance en route to a hospital. If you questioned the ruthlessness of Bullseye he answered it here.

Ending: 8/10
Bullseye is about to embark on the assignment he eventually takes and is told to keep a low profile. That’s just not his style, and he makes it known in the final page.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
Like I said earlier, I’m looking forward to seeing if we get a different assignment each week with the FBI left to figure out the crimes. I’m also looking forward to just seeing how this man completes his assassinations and how they are conveyed into art. Marvel seems to have let the Bullseye team run wild with the series so it will be a wild ride seeing all the blood shed.

bullseye 1 Cover Image

Bullseye 1 review image

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