Killing Floor 2: Unpredictable New Horror Arrives in Latest Update, ‘The Decent’ Content Pack

Tripwire Interactive is still hard at work innovating their cooperative sci-fi horror shooter, Killing Floor 2. Now, a brand-new free update is available for PC via Steam, as well as the PS4 and PS4 Pro. The brand-new Descent Content Pack marks a significant update for the game since release and promises a whole new world of carnage. The update contains two brand-new maps, including one that completely shakes up the game, as well as two brand-new weapons for players to blast away the oncoming hordes of deadly Zeds.
The Descent Content Pack features the namesake map, the Descent, which is an all-new type of map. The Descent map introduces the new Holdout sub-mode into Survival and will drop players into a new random battle location each wave, making them vulnerable to the horrific Zeds hoping to catch them off-guard. In addition, as a show of its commitment to their devoted and talented fan base, Tripwire has included the community-made Nuked map into its official line-up.
Additionally, the Descent Content Pack includes two brand-new weapons for players to gear up and fire off. Fans of the original Killing Floor should be excited to see the return of the Spitfires, which will see its induction back for single and dual flare gun revolvers for the Firebug perk. An additional weapon makes its introduction into the franchise, the Stoner 63a LMG is a light machine gun allowing for long sustained firepower.

The brand-new Descent Content Pack for Killing Floor 2 includes the following:

New Maps and Mode – the Descent, an all-new map featuring the new Holdout sub-mode in Survival that descends players to a new random location each wave, and Nuked, a community-made map that is now featured in the official lineup

New Weapons – The Spitfires, a fan-favorite from the original KILLING FLOOR, and Stoner 63a LMG which is a light machine gun that has long sustained fire

New Trophy Update – a new Trophy update on PlayStation Store Network that contains new trophies for recently released maps

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