Darth Maul Issue #2 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7/10
The art style is cool but it’s more or less Maul standing there, Saber in hand and a silhouette of him in the background. What’s up with his eyes too? Seems like he took some space drugs.

Best Variant Issue: 8/10
David Aja issue. This is a killer cover. Very simplistic yet very effective. Maul’s mug is almost floating within his cloak and his Saber to his left. I like covers that are “messy” and look like they took 5 minutes to create. Almost amateurish but professionally done at the same time.

What I Like:
The art style immediately grabs you. If the story itself is a little thin at the moment, the art is spot on. It really captures the essence of the Sith Lord.

We also get a great action sequence involving poor souls in a local cantina who underestimate Maul. They actually get the leg up on Maul for a brief moment and could have done a little damage if some friends didn’t show up to help Maul out. More on that later.

There’s also a double page spread that shows Maul meditating and meeting with Sidious in the meditation world. There Sidious shows him images of the Jedi killing Sith which only enrages Maul even more. The art is fantastic.

maul issue 2

What I didn’t like:
To refresh your memory, we concluded issue #1 with Maul being tipped off that a Jedi had been captured and is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Maul is eager to do one thing, kill Jedi, and he has yet to succeed in this mainly because of Sidious pushing Maul to be patient. Issue #2 centers around Maul going to that auction and the identity of the Jedi up for auction is revealed. It’s less than a major moment. Ever hear of Eldra Kaitis? The Star Wars universe is huge, and by all accounts this was a character created for this series. I couldn’t find her name pop up in any other story related to Star Wars. So is it cool they have created a new character? Sure, but this series really could have used a shot in the arm and given us a name we are familiar with.

Best Moment:
Remember that scene I mentioned where Maul fights the crew in the cantina and friends have to come to his aid. Well the leader of those friends just happens to be Cad Bane!

Ending: 6/10
The auction is about to begin and Maul has no intentions of taking part in a bidding war. He sneaks away to find this Jedi on his own, which he does and they finally meet face to face.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
I still have interest in where this all goes. Maul’s intentions are to kill Jedi, and here’s his opportunity. I, however, would like to see this go in a different direction. The Jedi he finally meets is a Padawan, so it’s entirely possible Maul turns her to the dark side instead of taking her out completely. Yet because she’s an unknown and we have zero emotional attachment to her Maul could just as easily strike her down and achieve what he set out for. You never know, Doctor Aphra was once an unknown character in her own right and now look at her. Maybe Marvel is trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice.



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