Thanos Issue #4 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7/10
An oversized Thane grasping a normal sized but puny looking Thanos in his clutches just adds to the arc of this series which is more of Thanos being vulnerable in his current state. It also almost forces the series to address Thane in the issue, who has gone missing over the previous two.

Best Variant Issue: 7/10
I can only find one available and it’s in the style Marvel is using across all their variants lately. A throwback to whichever character the particular comic is about with the title running along the left hand side. It’s always nice to see the old school Thanos.

What I Like:
For two issues I have been asking (and I think all fans have been as well) what the heck happened to the team Thane was assembling to take down his father? It seemed like they had a well thought out plan only to have a completely different order come in and do the deed with no mention of Thane at all. Issue #4 doesn’t answer that question just yet but we are on our way to find out.

The way the story is told in issue #4 is great. The entire issue is the backstory of Thane and why he wants to form this team to take down Thanos. It also brings back Corvus Glaive, who if you remember was the throne holder in issue #1 who Thanos took down rather easily to regain control of the Black Quadrant. Remembering the ease of which Thanos defeated Corvus then seeing the ease of which Thane gets taken down by Corvus reminds us of the sheer power Thanos has always had.


What I didn’t like:
However, there’s one thing that’s bothering me. When Thane is battling Corvus, Corvus summons three apparitions to do the dirty work rather than Corvus himself. They are called “The Coven” and Thane is no more than an ant walking by to them. They take him down with great ease. Now, the Coven are freaking awesome. Probably the highlight of the issue. My question is why didn’t Corvus call them in when he was fighting Thanos back in issue #1? Maybe there’s an explanation for that to come.

Best Moment:
It’s definitely The Coven. They are faceless creatures that look like the Ringwraiths from Lord of the Rings and they are just as bad ass. I’d love to see if Marvel could somehow make a series solely about these guys. Who they are and where they came from. When they arrive you know immediately Thane has no chance.

Ending: 7.5/10
Thanos isn’t around for any part of issue #4 with the exception of the last page and, surprise, he’s beaten and broken. It’s only a vision of the future that is shown to Thane, but it is the very near future, as in one week. Thanos’ lifeless body on the ground with Thane standing over him is a scary reminder of just how fragile Thanos is at the moment.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
The series has been stellar till now, and while this issue doesn’t focus on Thanos specifically, it does bring back Thane and sets us up for what his plan is for future issues. An impending battle between the two is inevitable, and when it happens Worlds will collide.


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