PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Confirmed As 2017 Launch Title

It seems the 2017 flood of PlayStation 4 exclusives will not be ending anytime soon according to our media buds at VG247. With Persona 5 launching tomorrow, on the horizon (pun intended after Aloy’s incredible adventure) we also see the great potential of more PS4 exclusives launching this year, such as Gran Turismo Sport, Days Gone and Detroit Become Human, to name a few. However, for more certainty the executives at Marvel Digital Media have confirmed that the PS4 exclusive of Spider-Man, which is in development at Insomniac Games will release in 2017.

The first and last time we saw anything on the game was at last years E3, since then Insomniac and Sony has been hush-hush about their new Spidey project. Impressively, the footage that was revealed showcased the famous web head doing what he does best, throughout the city of New York, while running on the standard PS4.

Hopefully, Sony and Insomniac are prepping to reveal more Spider-Man goodness at this years E3 2017, with added gameplay and launch date details.

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