Royals Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9/10
I’m starting to think it’s impossible for an Inhumans issue to have a bad cover art. There’s so many characters, all with their own distinct characteristics and colors that they just fill the page with creativity. Royals #1 is no exception.

Best Variant Issue: 8/10
Simone Bianchi issue. The tone is a bit darker here and features just two characters, one of which is the King Black Bolt, on one knee about to shout into the air. Which we all know would be a bad thing for everyone but Black Bolt himself.

What I Like:
The war is over and the Inhumans, in a sense, lost. The Terrigen Cloud is no more which means there are no more new Inhumans. So what do they do now? I think it’s a brilliant idea to focus only on the Inhuman Royals since in a time of crisis who do we look too? The leaders of course. I want a story that strips things down to the central figures and focuses on what they do and what they feel is the best move for the race. That next move just happens to be to find a way to make their race live on……in space. Whether or not they pick up and move to a new planet, or find someone out in the deep corners of space that can help them back on earth remains to be seen. The journey is just beginning.

What I didn’t like:
What I just described is issue #1 in a nutshell. Not much else goes on. There’s a strange opening sequence that takes place 5000 years in the future, but it doesn’t mean much for now. There’s a brief action sequence that, again, doesn’t do much for what the issue boils down too. It’s interesting to know that the Inhumans are about to take part in an intergalactic adventure, and issue #1 was nothing more than a big introduction to that.

Best Moment:
There is no real wow factor to be had here with the exception of the ending. So let’s fast forward to that section…

Ending: 5/10
which if this issue came out 5 months ago would have been an ending that made your jaw drop, but unfortunately this ending has been used already in another Marvel series! If you haven’t read that book then this ending will shock you. If you have read that book (I have, and also have reviewed it, Thanos #1) then you can’t help but immediately think that you’ve seen this all already. The two aren’t connected at all, but it didn’t effect me as much as it should.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
Well we have our introduction to what is to come here with Royals, so let’s get the adventure started, which thankfully will be here in 2 weeks, so we don’t have to settle for a light fared introductory issue for very long. I am excited for where the series will lead and see what the Inhumans find to extend their race. Add the fact they are doing this all in space and the possibility are really endless. It should be exciting to see what creatures and characters they find and how the new Black Bolt series that starts next month will tie into all of this. It’s Inhumans overload right now in the Marvel Universe.

Variant Cover Art


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