Thanos Issue #5 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8/10
The demise of Thanos continues to be the focal point of the series and the creators remind us of that fact every chance they get. What better way to get that point across from the cover. Thanos has been captured and placed in the most maximum of maximum security prisons and the man standing before him is the prison’s warden. He’ll come into play later.

Best Variant Issue: 5/10
Again, only one variant and it stays consistent with what Marvel has been using for other variants throughout Marvel. These variants happens to be called “Venomized” variants as Venom is finding his way into many other series cover art. This one is on the cheesy side. It’s a cross breed of Thanos and Venom. Sounds cool, but it looks too child like. Didn’t do anything for me.

What I Like:
I really like the pacing of this issue. The story jumps back and forth between Thanos being placed in a secret and secure maximum security prison and Thane moving forward with his plan, which are becoming a little more understandable but not completely clear just yet.

Thanos was one step ahead like he always is, and when the warden of the prison feels the need to gloat over him being the one responsible for keeping Thanos locked up, Thanos reminds him nobody can keep the Mad Titan locked up for long. He may be dying, but he has fight left in him, and the fight that’s left is more than most anyone in the Marvel Universe.


What I didn’t like:
When will people learn! Why the warden was anywhere near Thanos mocking him is beyond me. I’m not saying I dislike this part of the book, I’m just saying it in a “why do people do stupid things in horror movies” type of way. If you just left well enough alone Thanos would be locked up left to die in a cell. That doesn’t make for a very good story though now does it?

Best Moment:
However, the stupidity of said warden also gives us the best moment. Actually, it’s the 2nd best moment, because the ending here is one for the books. While the warden decided he wants to feel like a big man and gloat over Thanos, he drops the line “nobody particularly cares” about what is wrong with Thanos and they just want to see him die in pain. Thanos decides to show the warden what pain really is. It never gets old seeing Thanos destroy enemies and the dialouge that goes with it while he does.

Ending: 10/10
Holy. Crap. The writers have been keeping this secret since the beginning and how they didn’t crap themselves with anticipation and spill the beans somehow the past four months wants me to give them a medal. You could never guess it, but when you see it you just have to slap yourself. Stuff got real.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
We are about to go in an entirely new direction right about now. No matter how down and out Thanos might be you always think he has the upper hand somehow. Those tables have turned now. Thane knows his father is weak and the ending shows he’s taking zero chances.

thanos #5


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