Batman Issue #21 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 10/10
Batman holding the legendary blood marked smiley face pin from the Watchmen? What’s not to love?

Best Variant Issue: 10/10
There is a lenticular cover available where as you move the cover in your hands alternates between the covers of Batman and The Flash. It’s amazing and a fantastic way to incorporate the two DC series involved in this story.

What I Like:
It’s finally here. After blowing us all away with an ending that is a top 10 ending in all of comic book history a year ago, we finally get the story we have been waiting for.

It’s exciting enough to have the Watchmen back, or at least we expect them to be. They mystery here is that we don’t exactly know to what capacity they are involved. Batman finds the smiley face pin, and we aren’t sure how it got there or why. We do know it carries some mysterious, lightning shock powers and the segments involving Reverse – Flash are amazing. He shows up pummeling Batman and is on the verge of victory when he touches the pin which transports him away to another dimension and spits him back out in moments. When it does, his demeanor is a complete 180 and he’s in a state of shock going on and on about seeing God. He’s clearly been defeated wherever he went and when he was teleported back, there is a mysterious blue glow behind him. Dr. Manhattan anyone?? Who else could be taken for a God?

batman beat down

In addition to the story, they way writer Tom King and inker Jason Fabok make use of the issue is very much reminiscent of the old Watchmen book. The use of 9 panel pages was a big part of Watchmen and King and Fabok use it intentionally here. It’s a nice homage to the story they have brought back to the masses.

What I didn’t like:
This is only a 4 issue series run. I’m selfish. I want more. Also, and this is to my detriment since I don’t follow DC as much, the opening sequence while great, never gets revisited.

Best Moment:
When Reverse – Flash shows up and the battle ensues between him and Batman, Batman had just finished a conversation with The Flash telling him to meet him in the Bat Cave. Flash was in the midst of a battle and in a cheeky way says I’ll be there is one minute. Immediately after is when Reverse – Flash shows up and they fight. As they do, in the bottom right corner of every panel is a clock with a timer counting down from :60. I loved this and just thought this was a creative way to make the reader tense while reading seeing Batman losing a fight as the seconds tick down to when help will arrive.

Ending: 9/10
Help finally arrives, but is it too late?

What I’m Looking Forward To:
There’s a ton of questions and it’s a short series so they should all be answered soon. To get the Watchmen back in the comic book game makes me as giddy as a teenager at a Bieber concert, and to get tiny hints that Dr. Manhattan could be behind everything makes me the screeching teenager at a Bieber concert. Hopefully we get a few other Watchmen characters thrown in the mix as we continue.



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