Plastic Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7.5/10
It’s definitely creepy. Our main character, who goes by the name Edwyn Stoffgruppen, stares straight at us giving us a disturbing grin like he’s just done something horrific. Chances are he probably has. I like the addition of the toilet bowl cleaner too. More on that later. You really get the sense that this is a bad man we are dealing with.

Best Variant Issue: 8/10
Andrew Robinson April Fool’s Issue. Once we understand the setting of the story, this cover really makes you laugh and cringe at the same time. It’s presented to us as Edwyn and Virginia have gotten married. On the surface it looks like a sweet love story. The reality is so much more disturbing.

What I Like:
This story will make you feel uneasy. Which is great to see in the comic book world. We don’t know much about Edwyn Stoffgruppen, but the story summary tells us he’s an “ex serial killer”. That right there is enough to make you take notice. First of all does one ever really retire from being a serial killer? Secondly, let’s say he has turned his back on a life of crime. Knowing that Edwyn is capable of killing someone anywhere at anytime will have me on the edge of my seat. Not only anticipating the chance he could snap in a second, but watching his struggle with not snapping.

Couple all that with the added feature that Edwyn has a new love interest, Virginia, and he is excited about a possible romantic getaway to Rome with her. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to Rome with their significant other. What makes this different is that Virginia happens to be a blow up doll.


What I didn’t like:
We don’t get much of a back story so far in issue #1. I hope we will in the coming issues because as interesting as the love connection with a blow up doll is, so is Edwyn’s past. How did he get to this point? We know he’s a bad man and he shows just how bad he is, but I hope we see how bad he was too.

Best Moment:
After a tryst in his car, Edwyn goes to the local gas station to stock up on supplies. It’s your typical creepy gas station complete with a creepy cashier. While inside a group of guys starts harassing Virginia while she sits in the car. Edwyn exits the store to see them and at first tries to get away without anyone getting hurt. That idea quickly goes South and the inner Edwyn comes out. The art in depicting this fight scene is brutal and is just as cringe worthy as the idea of a man parading around with a blow up doll as a girlfriend.

The scene inside the gas station is equally interesting. Edwyn is looking for a number of things one of which includes a toilet bowl cleaner. When Edwyn asks if there is a specific type available and the cashier responds there is not, Edwyn gets a little uneasy that he does not have another option. Not much more is said on the topic. Also, the cashier is very seedy with Edwyn’s credit card. It’s not revisited yet, but there was too much there for it not to come back and haunt him if he is in fact stealing Edwyn’s credit card numbers. Bad idea dude.

Ending: 5/10
There’s nothing shocking and maybe that is a good thing, since the rest of the issue delivers the shock factor.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
It just so happens that one of the kids Edwyn beat up happens to have a father that is big in the organized crime world, and he admires Edwyn’s work he displayed while beating up his son and friends. So naturally he offers him work. See what I mean about it not being possible to be an “ex serial killer“.

If you aren’t curious as to just where this story is headed, then just set up shop in your parents basement and become a hermit. As strange as it is, it’s got my attention. There’s gonna be some weird and bizarre things ahead here and I for one want to see the many faces of Edwyn. It’s weird, strange and disturbing. Just what comics need.



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