Thanos Issue #6 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9/10
Marvel is really drilling home how much Thanos is dying and losing power, and this cover illustrates that point even more. The writers don’t hesitate to have us remember the events that concluded issue #5.

Best Variant Issue: 5/10
If there is one downside to this entire series it has been the variants available. They are more or less nonexistent and that trend continues this week. A single variant is available and it falls in line with Marvel’s Resurrection series of variants. It’s sad that the Mad Titan hasn’t been shown the love in terms of valuable variants where the best of the best artists come in and show the villain some love.

What I Like:
I said at the end of issue #5 that things were about to take a turn, and boy have they. We love villains. We love them because they are ruthless and show no fear when it stares them straight in the face. We love them even more when they are vulnerable and we see the end in sight. Each issue does an amazing job of showing us how Thanos is falling apart but at the same time reminding us of the power this superhero possesses. However, Thanos might finally be meeting his match.

It’s rather easy for Thanos to dig deep within himself and destroy a herd of simple mortal men. It’s another to take on his son who has tricked that team he so meticulously put together to take down his father, only to gain the power of the Phoenix Egg, which could in all likelihood end the terror reign of his father. Thane assembled the team for one reason, only. To get him into a base that was holding the egg. He accomplished that feat and now his team is of no use to him. He can take on his father alone……well not entirely alone. (see best moment section)


What I didn’t like:
Regarding the story within this issue? Not a thing. If you are a fan of Thanos, you are in Mad Titan heaven right now. The only downside is what I mentioned earlier with the variant issues available.

Best Moment:
So Thane is now wielding great power and is more confident than ever that he can once and for all defeat Thanos. The scene where Thane reveals himself to his father is incredible enough, but Thane didn’t come alone. He did take one of his assembled team with him, and that is Lady Death.

Fans of Thanos know he has been trying his entire life to do one thing, impress Lady Death. Heck, the entire Infinity Gauntlet series revolved around Thanos and his obsession with getting the Infinity Gems because he thought he could win her love. He never did. Thane has, and the look on Thanos’ face when he sees Lady Death standing beside his son will be burned into your memory forever. It’s bad enough Thanos is dying, now his son has stolen his woman. Safe to say they won’t be sharing Thanksgiving dinner together this year.

Ending: 9/10
Everything we thought we knew about Thane is wrong. He didn’t want to take down Thanos, he wanted to replace him. It looks like he’s succeeded.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
I’m wondering what’s Thane’s angle here. Why want all the problems that plagued his father for his own. He could have taken him down and the universe could have lived happily ever after. Instead he will now have an army coming for him much like they came for his father. And what of Thanos. Do the “good guys” use him to their advantage to take Thane off his throne? Hold on tight!

Thanos Issue 6

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