Black Bolt Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9.5/10
Now this is a slick cover. Black Bolt is a minimalist superhero and this cover conveys that aspect. Just a black background with Black Bolts angry gaze directed right at us and the arrow on his mask illuminated over that background is extremely well done.

Best Variant Issue: 5/10
Rahzzah Marvel Hip-Hop Cover. On the flip side there’s many options for variants of the premier issue of Black Bolt #1 and I’m, sadly, not too crazy about any of them. I went with the hip hop edition as the best of them for the simple fact of seeing Black Bolt in a pose that’s the total opposite of who the man really is. It almost looks like he’s spinning a record as a dj. Which isn’t out of the realm of possibilities since we know Black Bolt is the owner of a dance club / restaurant called the “Quiet Room”. Clever. Leader of the Inhumans is just one of the many sides of this mysterious character.

What I Like:
The style of the series is perfect for the style of the character. It’s very dark and minimal. I was wondering how a series based around a character that doesn’t speak would be presented, and the answer is mainly in narration boxes. Again, clever. Black Bolt is being held captive by someone or something in a dark mysterious place and we don’t know why or how he got there. It adds a great sense of mystery to a character that has a great deal of mystery himself. The entire first issue deals with Black Bolt figuring out where exactly he is and how to get out.


What I didn’t like:
There isn’t much to go on in the premier issue and the only character we are familiar with is Black Bolt himself. We get a battle that’s entertaining but the end result is never in question. Just where Black Bolt is and how he got there will be a topic of the series.

Best Moment:
The battle scene with the character named Creel was probably the best moment while anticlimactic. I’m sure we will get much more information on everything that happening right now, but issue #1 just seems like a big set up for what’s to come.

Ending: 6.5/10
There’s no real cliff hanger here, but there is something interesting that will need further explanation. While Black Bolt is wherever he is, he can speak and nothing happens. Black Bolt has been held captive by some entity and we don’t know where he is or why he’s there. There is a person who is also being held in a cell next to him who gives his name but is indecipherable in the comics text. Black Bolt speaks to the man and nothing happens. Those who are familiar with the Black King know that when he speaks mountains crumble and worlds can shatter. How is Black Bolt able to speak in this captivity and nothing happen? Where is he?

What I’m Looking Forward To:
The series is young and hopefully we get more of an entertaining story than the one presented here. Black Bolt is one of my favorite characters within the Marvel Universe, but that’s because he’s minimal. He always has the Inhuman Royals surrounding him and is only called on when absolutely necessary. Creating an entire series around a character who doesn’t speak and is never really the central part of any story might prove to be difficult. Here’s to hoping there’s a plan in place to answer some of those difficulties.

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