Underwinter Issue #2 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8/10
What can you really compare this cover, or the art in general too? Like most of the series so far, images are blurry and sometimes don’t make sense. Underwinter is creepy and this cover is as well.

Best Variant Issue: 8/10
There’s only one variant available and it’s a good one. The art is a much more straightforward and simplistic. One of the musicians from last issue, Stephanie, wearing a bright white cloak looking over her shoulder back at us wearing sunglasses. That’s it. The simplicity of the art mixed with the unknown of the entire thing just makes you ask so many questions.

What I Like:
Like I said with issue #1 the art steals the show again. You aren’t reading anything like this. Underwinter is a stand out in the world of comics right now and I can’t fully say why. The dialog is cryptic and it seems like we are thrown in the middle of whatever is going on and left to figure it out on our own.

Last issue seemed to set up the story. A group of musicians were hired to play music at a party but they needed to be blindfolded. It was, and rightly so, compared to the movie Eyes Wide Shut. One of the musicians blindfold slipped a bit and what he saw was one of the most bizarre creatures I’ve ever seen. It left the comic world foaming at the mouth for more. Issue #2 pumps the breaks a little.


What I didn’t like:
Underwinter #2 is more about individual stories of each of the musicians that played at the party in the last issue. Is it necessary? I don’t think so, but hopefully there’s a reason as to why we need to know them on a personal level. What makes Underwinter difficult to digest is the style the story is told in. These characters are only given a couple of pages each, so a detailed story about them isn’t what we are given. It’s all odd dialog that is picked up in the middle of conversation and I was left with more bewilderment than understanding. Underwinter makes you think, maybe a little too much in issue #2.

Best Moment:
The character Corbin’s side story is the best and most bizarre. Stay with me here: he seems to awaken in a room of which he makes a comment about how cold it is. There’s a couple other men in the room with him and a hole in the center of the floor. He makes a comment about why does it have to be him as he lowers himself into the hole, apologizing as he descends into the hole. As he looks up one of the men says they will seal him in, but before they do they make the statement “oh, hey. Don’t forget you fingers” and they literally throw a handful of human fingers in the hole with him. Ummmm….

Ending: 6.5/10
It’s nowhere near the wow factor of issue #1 but then again nothing really would be able to match that. The musicians get offered to opportunity to go back to the party again of which they accept because the money is so good. The creature shows up again, but it doesn’t have the same shock value as before.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
If you’re as confused reading this review as to what the hell Underwinter is about, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. A quick summary: there’s a weird party, musicians are hired to play it blindfolded, one musicians blindfold slips and sees something not of this world. This issue is all short individual stories about those musicians but none of it makes sense nor do I care much about their pasts. Where is Underwinter going? I don’t have a clue, but I love stories like this.



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