Marvel Heroes Omega Open Beta Now Playable on PS4

Super heroes it is time to gear up as Marvel Heroes Omega open beta for PS4 is now available. Marvel Heroes Omega combines the core gameplay of Action-RPGs and MMOs with an expansive library of heroes from the Marvel Universe. Marvel fans and gamers can play together, level-up, defeat infamous Marvel Super Villains and henchmen, collect rare loot, and grow in power.

Today’s open beta launch for Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4 follows a series of significant patches and improvements made during its closed beta phase based on player feedback – gameplay, ease-of-use, hero balance, bug fixes, and more.

To celebrate today’s open beta launch for PS4, all players can also look forward to receiving Daredevil, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, as a free playable character. To receive this gift, players must download and install Marvel Heroes Omega and download the free Daredevil pack via the PlayStation Store on their PS4 console.

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