Aweomenauts Now Free-to-Play on Steam

Awesomenauts, the 2D sidescrolling MOBA, is now available for free on Steam. After spending years preparing for this cool new update, Ronimo Games is ready to welcome a massive new audience to the Awesomenauts community.

Ronimo Games hosted a closed beta over the last month, where they stress-tested their systems and made improvements to many of the new player progression features that were added in anticipation of the free-to-play transition. Everything checked out, so now the team is 110% ready to offer the awesome features below to everyone who wants to play Awesomenauts for free:

  • 3v3 online platforming action in true Saturday Morning cartoon style, with a completely revamped matchmaking system.
  • 29 Unique playable Awesomenauts, each with their own set of upgrades, skins, and character themes! Best of all: more ‘Nauts are in development and the cast keeps growing.
  • A fully-featured map editor with Steam Workshop integration, custom games, shareable game modes, and lots of crazy community-created content to enjoy.
  • Co-op vs. AI matchmaking, allowing everyone to play alongside their friends or new allies against bots to hone their skills.
  • A brand new progression system, where players can earn Awesomepoints by levelling up their account and various characters by playing match-made games. Awesomepoints can be used to unlock new characters and certain customization options.
  • When reaching various milestones, players receive in-game medals that allow them to showcase their accomplishments to other players! Have over a 100 wins with your favorite character? Show it to the world!
  • Ronimo Games is already working on update 4.1, which will add a brand-new playable character to the in-game roster.

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