I Am Groot Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7/10
Groot is all the rage right now, and why not? He’s powerful enough to satisfy the male fans and cute enough for the ladies. So featuring him in his baby form is a pretty simple idea for Marvel. They could put Groot on each page and just have him say “I Am Groot” over and over (which the pretty much do) and it will sell. The cover will no doubt get the attention of people still seeking all things Groot after leaving the movie theater.

Best Variant Issue: 8/10
Jay Fosgitt cover. Again, playing on the cuteness of Groot, Fosgitt has him sitting atop a planet or a moon fishing while a alien type fish is about to take the bait. Very eye catching.

What I Like
I have to give Marvel some credit here. They knew Groot would be the hot item when Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was released, so they planned this series in anticipation of it. Not only that, this is another series involving a character who rarely speaks or doesn’t speak (looking at you Black Bolt). The writers who were charged with the task of fleshing out a full series based on these characters either rolled their eyes, or rolled their sleeves up ready for the challenge. Black Bolt I feel is easier to pull off, which they did in the form of thought bubbles. Groot is going to be more tricky. He talks, and loves to talk, even if it’s the same phrase over and over.

The only way to pull off a character who repeats himself is in facial expressions, and artist Flaviano pulls it off wonderfully. He’s gonna need to be the star here in order for the series to work.

I Am Groot _1 (2017) - Page 18

What I didn’t like
The action moves a bit too fast and we are introduced to new characters which we are just supposed to except and move on. Maybe we will get some idea of who they are and where they came from, but for a story that takes place in an entirely different dimension, not knowing the characters we are dealing with makes us not care much about them.

Best Moment
Nothing really sticks out as a singular moment that stands out above the rest. The rest of the Guardians are in the beginning portions of the story which is cool to see them, but once Groot enters a new dimension they are left behind and I wonder how much of them we will see going forward.

Ending: 5/10
Again, not knowing where Groot is and what’s about to happen, the ending leaves us very ho-hum.

What I’m Looking Forward To
Like all stories, I am interested to see where it will go, but I’m also interested to see how long fans will hold on for until they start getting bored with I Am Groot. I went back and checked, including the title pages Groot says “I am Groot” exactly 40 times. Is that something I want to read 40 times an issue over multiple issues? Sorry Groot, you’re damn cute but I might not stick around for much, and that’s sad because the story itself might go into some interesting places.



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