Thanos Issue #7 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9/10
We continue to see the demise of Thanos as he looks over what was once his kingdom, which is now nothing but rubble. How is it possible we are feeling bad for this villain!?

Best Variant Issue
Not a single variant is available for Thanos #7. This is criminal. Fast-forward a year from now after Avengers: Infinity War is released and watch how huge Thanos becomes in pop culture and Marvel will wish they had promoted this series more. It’s inexcusable.

What I Like
The first 3/4th’s of the issue is all silent and we are presented with the story in just pictures, and it’s amazing. About half way through I was hoping the entire issue would be a silent issue. It’s not, and that’s ok, but the part that is really make you feel for Thanos. He’s as low as he can get. Living the life of a homeless man killing rats (or as the comic calls them mugrats) to survive. One mugrat he kills in particular had a mother who’s not too happy her offspring was murdered for food by Thanos, so she steps up for a fight. Think NYC rats times a thousand. Even in his weakened state, Thanos can still put up a fight when needed.

But the enemies he’s taking down are lower and lower on the food chain. Thanos has taken down God’s, and to get to where we are now, he struggled to take down mere mortals at the prison and now it takes all his might to beat a rat. Albeit an enormous mutant rat, but a rat. We are front row to the fall of a legend and the writers have done miracle work in showing us the fall.


What I didn’t like
This is nitpicking, but I was really settling into the entire issue being a silent issue and right when I thought it would happen, there is dialog. Not much, but it is there. I stomped my feet a couple times and got over it.

Also Thane wasn’t in the issue at all. It might have been an odd fit if he were because the setting of the issue is all Thanos, so shoving him in might have felt forced or like they were tackling too many story lines when they were going for minimal. I just wanted to see what he’s been up to now that he is the king.

Best Moment
The showdown with the big momma rat and the entire portions of no dialog, just pictures, showcasing the low that Thanos is at was something to marvel about.

Ending: 9.5/10
So that team Thane was putting together to take down Thanos, then were left abandoned when Thane’s real plans were revealed. They’re back, and if Thane isn’t in this issue why do you think they would return?

What I’m Looking Forward To
It looks like another showdown is on the way. But if Thane’s old team needs the help of Thanos, how much can the Mad Titan really offer? Will he be more of a diversion than anything else, or does the team have a way to bring Thanos back the power he has lost and keep him from dying? I want more!!

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