Darth Vader Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8/10
Very much resembles issue #1 of the Darth Maul series in that it’s simplistic and features the Sith Lord with his trusty lightsaber by his side and a minimalist background. The Maul cover was great and so is this one. Yet this Vader cover loses a point because we’ve seen tons of Vader over the years. We don’t see Maul as often.

Best Variant Issue: 9/10
Phil Noto Era Variant. One of the most anticipated moments going into Episode 3 was the masking of Vader. We all waited with baited breath in anticipation of the moment the world’s most notorious villain became the world’s most notorious villain. Too see that moment recreated in comic form is pretty sweet.

What I Like
We love building things up just to tear them down. Especially with movies. I still remember how I felt watching Revenge of the Sith for the first time and it moved me, Hayden Christensen’s performance be damned. As the years have passed, it’s become almost a rite of passage to rip the trilogy. Believe me, you loved Revenge of the Sith, just like you loved Titanic the first time you saw it.

I, like a lot of Star Wars fans, always were left to wonder the events right after Sith ended even though we were given a very satisfying ending. I always wanted to see Vader in those first days as a true Sith lord. Now we get those moments and the fact that they are in comic form and not movie form is a huge moment for the world of comics.

The story early on seems to be centered around Vader earning his Saber. Palpatine makes it clear that a Sith Lord’s saber is not given to him, he needs to earn it, as well as the reasoning behind why a Sith Lord’s saber is red.


What I didn’t like
Some of the dialog between Sidious and Vader is a little wonky and not in line with how the two talked during the movies, and seeing how this takes place immediately afterwards it would have been good to keep the dialog between them consistent.

Best Moment
Vader sets out on his mission to earn his saber and comes across a small colony of people who have stolen his ship. This displeases him and he rips these characters apart with ease. It’s not watching Vader defeat people less superior to him that was fascinating, it was seeing him do it without his saber. Think about that. When was there ever a time we watched Vader in battle without his saber?

Ending: 5/10
The end of the issue is the end of this battle, and it doesn’t leave you hanging on what’s next, other than that his mission for his saber will continue.

What I’m Looking Forward To
Due to the time frame of the series I’m really looking forward to what characters we all know that could make an appearance. While I’m enjoying Marvel’s other Star Wars comics and the characters they have introduced to us, it’s always nice to see the familiar faces.

I also really want to get to that moment Vader earns his saber. That should be a great moment.



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