Sony Announces PS4 Sales Surpass 60.4 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Sony has recently announced the new sales milestones for the PS4 and its rapidly selling software titles. PS4 has cumulatively sold through more than 60.4 million units to consumers worldwide as of June 11, 2017.

PS4 software sales, led by critically acclaimed titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, also remain strong with more than 487.8 million copies sold at retail stores globally and through digital downloads on PlayStation Store as of June 11, 2017. Building off of robust PS4 momentum, user engagement across the PlayStation ecosystem has also experienced vibrant growth.

PlayStation ecosystem has more than 70 million monthly active users worldwide as of end of March 2017, with 26.4 million paid PlayStation Plus subscribers worldwide as of end of March 2017. According to Sony, active PS4 users worldwide spend more than 600 million hours in total, per week on the platform as of end of March 2017.

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