Destiny 2 Will Run in 4K Resolution on PS4 Pro Confirmed, 4K Not Promised For Xbox One X

As the Xbox One X, the worlds most powerful gaming system prepares for its November 7 launch, according to our gaming buds at GameTranfers, it has been confirmed by Bungie that while Destiny 2 will support the 4K resolution at 30fps on PS4 Pro, the promise of implementing the 4K resolution feature for the Xbox One X has not been set in stone.

We confirmed 4K for PlayStation 4 Pro, have not made any promises about Scorpio (Xbox One X) as of yet. It’s very recent development they just announced two days ago, so we are working behind the scene to see what it’s future holds for us and these are announcements that will make at some point in time,” says Bungie community manager Deej.

In addition, earlier today we reported that Destiny 2 would also run at 30fps on both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One. This update was also confirmed by Bungie at E3 2017, which you can view here.

Enjoy some Destiny 2 4K/60fps gameplay running on a very capable PC, enjoy:

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  • BovineDeath

    So Activision didn’t get One X development kits? Not sure if it can run Destiny 2 in 4K? Maybe some sleazy marketing guy from Sony could fill them in.

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