First Patch Update Launches For Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Tripwire Interactive today released the first patch for its recently released tactical shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Version 1.01 of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam contains a host of changes to the game inspired by player feedback, and an extensive list of bug fixes, which were brought to the attention of the developers by the game’s committed community.
General Changes & Updates in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam version 1.01:
Changed the way tiebreakers work on Territory mode – now the team which captures the most points will win in a tiebreaker situation, not the team with more points. 
Made it vastly easier to pick up dropped weapons
Now by default, sprinting from prone will no longer return the player back to the prone stance when the player stops sprinting. You can change this setting in the gameplay options
Various tweaks to various weapons’ collision, correcting the distance to walls at which certain weapons ‘lower’
Reduced player movement speed while climbing ladders
Reduced friendly fire penalties for commanders
Increased the default pre-round delay from 10 seconds to 30. FYI, this will reset all servers to this new default time.
Various tweaks to the order in which some items are listed in the inventory 
Tweaks to mouse sensitivity when using iron sights after adjusting slider values in settings
Removed one specific tree from the landing zone in An Lao Valley, per a request from Reddit user SprayAndPlay. We agree with you, sir!
Added more solid cover to Objective A on Cu Chi
Improved the lighting inside Objective B on Compound
Extended artillery protection zones to cover the entirety of the US spawns on Hill 937 

Added a red tunnel preview mesh which displays during the cooldown following the destruction of a spawn tunnel
Improved the mesh for destroyed squad tunnel. Destroyed tunnels will very much look destroyed now
Improved the animations when sprinting with grenades to avoid ‘foot sliding’ 
Improved the third person animations for sprinting uphill with a sniper rifle equipped 
Improved the saturation and readability of the overhead maps
Added an idle pose to the SVD when the magazine is empty, preventing the bolt handle from sliding forward incorrectly 
Bullet decals now stay on objects and surfaces on all maps for longer across all graphics settings
The ‘After Action Report’ has been modified to show separate round end and match end slates. This makes it less confusing on which team exactly won
Enlarged the ‘Change Camera’ text on the spectator view
Updated the AK single fire sound to more closely match the full auto fire mode
Updated the sound of the Bird Dog recon plane 
Improved the attenuation of grenade bounce sounds
Added a different landing sound for smoke grenades. As such, players will now be able to discern, audibly, between grenade landing sounds
Player Vote Kick System
Vote kicking is now default to Team-Only. This means that by default, servers will allow vote kicks only for members of your own team 

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