Skyforge: New Free Expansion ‘The Mechanoid War’ Now Available For PS4

The latest free expansion The Mechanoid War is available for Skyforge on PlayStation 4 today. The mechanized legion is invading Aelion and all players of the free-to-play action MMO are called to arms to thwart their nefarious plans. introduces a spectacular new Divine Form appearance and brings all-new battles in challenging invasion zones. Immortals can ready themselves for exciting boss battles, a completely new 10-man raid as well as the new and stronger generation 2 equipment as rewards.

Invasions: The world of Skyforge is under constant duress and various invading armies will plot against the inhabitants of Aelion. The unique invasion cycle ensures that the endgame is never stale and besides thematically changing the endgame this also ensures new challenges always open for players.

The two-month long power struggles with an invading army are divided in multiple stages and the Mechanoid season is broken down into three milestones:

On June 27 – Brand-new versions of existing group dungeons open for “Leunar Swamps”, “Mare Sacro Monestary”, “Targo Islands” and “Operation: Isabella”. A unique single-boss raid challenges players in “Mechanoid Base: Secret Oculat”

On July 11 – The Mechanoids will step up their game and present heavy resistance in group dungeons “Underground Lake Tareln”, “Kuat-Lien Station”, “Fort Darlek” and “Operation: Medea”.  A new single-boss dungeon will test players resolves, but far more important is that the great god of the mechanoids will send forth its Avatar for a first confrontation with Immortals.

On July 25 – The final and most challenging adventures will become available to drive the Mechanoids from Aelion once they arrive in “Daren Facility”, “Icy Plateau” and “Hespilion Temple”. Players must gather the best of the best to overcome the final raid of the invasion cycle “Operation: Ophelia” and defeat the god of the Mechanoids itself!

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