Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta Launching Hits Early October

The Star Wars Battlefront II open beta is now scheduled for an early October release and EA has giving us some brief intel on what to expect from the beta. Here’s what’s inside:

Galactic Assault on Naboo

Join the Separatist droid army or the Republic Clones on the streets of Theed in massive 40 player multiplayer melees.

  • Choose from four distinct trooper classes:
    – Assault troopers are classic flankers, pushing the line forward and advancing the front.
    – Heavy troopers use their high-powered weapons and personal body shields to take ground and hold it.
    – Officers power up their teammates with buffs and deploy remote weapons to support their allies.
    – Specialists lay traps and snipe from a distance.

Multiplayer Starfighter Assault
While EA isn’t sharing all the details around this yet, what do know is that players will be able to take part in an epic starfighter assault set during the original trilogy era, piloting an assortment of Star Wars’ greatest ships in an objective-based, multi-stage battle. EA plans on dropping more gameplay nuggets about starfighters in Star Wars Battlefront II at gamescom.

If you pre-order Star Wars Battlefront II, you can jump into the beta early. Players who pre-order gain access to the beta October 4 – the beta opens to the public October 6, and lasts through October 9.

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