Fringe Wars Showcases Customization and Combat in All-New Trailer

Oasis Games, publishers of Tiger Knight and Naruto Online, have released a trailer for their new space MOBA currently in alpha development. The trailer shows not only in-depth customization, but fully-fledged combat in space.

Fringe Wars is a MOBA with a heavy focus on customization. Players are able to create a ship that fits their needs as both a player and team member. With a variety of weapons, modules, and appearances that can be easily placed on the ship of your choice, players will be ready for anything in the Fringe.

Combat takes the classic formula of a MOBA with the bombast of a space opera in Fringe Wars’s Conquest Mode. Teams must work together to conquer enemy outposts, giving them an edge in combat such as shorter cooldowns and greater resources. If you’re more fond of team deathmatch, Frontline Mode gives that option with a narrow playfield that puts your combat skills to the test. It won’t take just cunning and skill, but cooperation. Fringe Wars was made to be played as a team, and will be difficult (even impossible) to fight the enemy alone. If you want to reap the spoils of war, you’ll need to work together.

Fringe Wars will be released on Steam’s Early Access in the fourth quarter of this year. Fringe Wars has undergone many changes in art and design to improve every aspect of the game and many more are coming in the following weeks. Make sure to follow Fringe Wars social media for updates on this exciting addition to the MOBA genre.

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