Images of the New Ataribox Finally Revealed

It seems the rumors that Atari was in fact working on a new console are true, as Atari has revealed new images of their new ‘Ataribox’.

Today, while there are some rather impressive images of the hardware, which you can view below, Atari is still tight-lipped about the specs at the moment. Just one glance at Atari’s new hardware and many of us older or should I say more mature gamers should admire the retro look of the device, especially the classically inspired design of the decorative wood device. So cool!

In addition, the console will also be available in a black and red with glass.

Sporting an HDMI port, 4 USB slots, and an SD card slot, the Ataribox is said to play both classic and newer games. The idea that we could actually be playing many of today’s fan favorite third party titles is quite exciting for myself, who remembers the undeniable magic of the launch of the Atari 2600 some eons ago. Yes, I am a dinosaur.

We’ll be sure to update you as Atari gradually updates us on all things relating to their new gaming rig.





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