Raiders of the Broken Planet – Watch The Most Recent Gameplay Trailer

The hard working dev team MercurySteam, while they have just shared with us their most recent gameplay trailer for Raiders of the Broken Planet which you can view below, our insatiable desires would like to know when in fact we will be able to officially mark our calendars console launch date calendars. For our PC readers we love and admire the crap out of you, but I am personally an addicted console users and can’t wait to get my hands on the console version of this game.

MercurySteam is hard at work ironing out the gameplay kinks as the game is still in closed beta and we understand how important it is to make sure the game is running as problem free as possible, yet with every new trailer I become more and more excited for it. So, until we are all raiding planets together, enjoy this latest trailer.

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